Hitman: Absolution Weapons Guide: Firearms Part 4

While developing Hitman: Absolution, developers at Eidos really didn’t want to make players feel like they had very few options in taking down enemies and complete missions: there are really a lot weapons in the game and in this guide we’ll keep analyzing the firearms included into the game.

  • Layla’s JAGD P22G

This weapons in an unique handgun owned by Layla Stockton. It’s a reliable handgun with high stats and accuracy. It can also be fitted with a suppressor, making it very good for stealth play. This gun can be found in the Blackwater Park mission, owned by Layla.

  • M590 12GA

The M590 12GA is a shotgun holding 8 rounds. A pump action weapon, it sports an incredibly high attack power, best suited in situations where you need to overpower the enemy. This shotgun can be found in the Terminus, Rosewood, Birdie’s Gift, Shaving Lenny, End Of the Road and Skurky’s Law missions. It can’t be used in Contract Missions.

  • Mustang Snub

The Mustang Snub is a revolver gun: it’s a quite standard revolver since it has really high power and a heavy recoil. This revolver can be found in the Terminus, Hunter and Haunted and Birdie’s Gift missions.

  • Pink Aries Charging Ram

The Pink Aries Charging Ram is a revolver pistol, featuring some unique colors, with a bright pink grip. Except for its aesthetics, there’s nothing out of the ordinary for this revolver: high attack power and significant recoil. This weapon is carried by Lilly S. Dukes in the Birdie’s Gift mission.

  • Police M590 12ga

The Police M590 12ga is a pump action shotgun featuring really high attack power. The best thing about this weapon is that it is a silenced weapon, becoming even more versatile than the other shotguns in the game. This shotgun can be found in the Run For Your Life, Hunter and Haunted, Welcome to Hope and Blackwater Park missions.

  • SA .44 Auto

The SA .44 Auto is a semi automatic pistol, featuring a spider on its handle. It’s a really good weapon with good damage and even better accuracy, making it nice for long range confrontations. And it can even be fitted with a suppressor. This weapon can be foun in the Rosewood mission, carried by Wade and in the Birdie’s Gift mission

  • Silverballers

The Silverballer is the signature weapon of Agent 47: it can be used in single or both hands. It can also be fitted with a suppressor. This weapon is available in most of the game.

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