Hitman: Absolution Secrets And Easter Eggs Guide

As many developers do nowadays, Hitman: Absolution has been packed with Easter Eggs, with most of these easter eggs coming from other Eidos Titles. While absolutely optional, finding these easter eggs may make the game more fun, making players feel like they have found everything included in the game before moving one with other titles or with the game’s many other side activities. If you’re looking for some time off from killing targets and completing missions, you’re looking in the right place.

  • Tomb Raider

This one is pretty evident: during the Birdie’s Gift mission where Agent 47 has to win the shooting match, look below to see the words CROFT on the mat. It’s a clear reference to Lara Croft, Tomb Raider’s star.

  • Kane and Lynch

This easter egg is actually found in two different missions: Welcome to Hope and Birdie’s Gift. You can meet both characters, ignore them or even terminate them: whatever you choose to do won’t have any notable consequence in the rest of the game. Kane can also be seen in the Courthouse mission, during the Holding Cells sequence: there’s a vent that leads to the door to the next section. Het inside the vent and you’ll be able to see Kane through the vent, intent on writing a letter to his daughter. Both characters’ models are taken straight from Kane and Lynch 2.

  • The Eight Saints

If you have been paying attention, in the Attack Of The Saint mission you will only have to terminate seven targets: in one of the game’s trailer it’s shown that there are eight saints. Where did the eight go? According to some in game material, the eight saint, called Boo, was simply killed before the events of the game. There was no reason to include her in the trailers then: this looks simply like the team not caring too much about such a small detail.

  • Lochness

One of real life’s mysteries makes its way in Hitman: Absolution. The Lochness monster can be found in the tutorial missions: inside the main building, where you have to reach Dana, head inside the main room, the one with the piano and the head of security then proceed to the second floor. Roll up the windows curtains and shoot the two sea shells statues. The monster will appear on the lake.


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