Hitman: Absolution Playstyles Guide

Hitman: Absolution is full of challenges, wether they are related to a single mission or to the way you play the game. As you might have seen from the huge amount of weapons included into the game, there are plenty of ways of killing off your enemies, ranging from some simple strangling to some more creative ways that involve some environmental elements which can be used to trigger some accidental kills, kills that are more rewarding not only from an aesthetic point of view but also because they make you earn more points per kill which can be used to unlock some special assassin technique with ease.

Of the challenges included into the game, the playstyles are probably one of the most unique challenges: earning all playstyles is required to earn the Jack Of All Trades Trophy. There are a total of 20 playstyles in Hitman: Absolution and to get each one of them, you’ll have to perform a number of specific kills. Some of them you’ll probably get by playing through the game but some of them will probably require a bit more effort on your part. Here’s the full list of the Hitman: Absolution Playstyles.

Needle Pumper
Kill enemies with syringe while staying stealthy

To get this playstyle, hide as many bodies in dumps as you can

Piano Man
One of the easiest playstyles: kill a number of enemies using the fiberwire.

Reaper Man
Kill a certain number of enemy in point shooting

Send enemies to their deaths by choking and subduing them

Dynasty Warrior
Kill enemies using the Katana, which is only available in select missions.

Dynamite Harry
Use remote explosive to kill enemies

Make enemies feel the power of the revolver killing as many as you can with revolver pistols

Use drink bottles to kill enemies to earn this playstyle

Take down some enemies using hand to hand combat.

Use the fire axe to kill a certain amount of enemies

Use the knife to stealthy kill a number of enemies

Use the golf club to kill enemies and earn this playstyle

To get this playstyle, simply accumulate a certain amount of total damage.

Kill enemies by throwing some sharp objects.

Use a silenced handgun to kill enemies

Cause a certain number of accidental kills to earn this playstyle.

Take out the sniper rifle and do some good killing

Glass Cannon
Use the shotgun to do a certain number of enemies

Bank Robber
Take some enemies hostage and get other enemies to kill them for you.


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