Hitman: Absolution Other Weapons Guide

Despite all the firearms and melee weapons and objects to be used as weapons included in Hitman: Absolution, the good people at Eidos probably weren’t satisfied enough, as far as weapons go. There’s another weapon category including some diverse instruments of death which couldn’t be included in none of the two categories. These weapons are often found for specific reasons and their purpose, other than killing targets, it to help you complete specific mission challenges, which we already covered some time ago with some extensive guides. These weapons will be sorted in alphabetical order, just like we did for the Firearms and Melee weapons guide.

  • C4 Brick

If you’ve been playing games for a long time, you surely know what c4 is: plastic explosive. This weapon can be used to trigger accidents and obtain some accidental kills bonuses. Once the weapon has been activated, it will detonate after 15 seconds, so plan your strategy accordingly. Curiously enough, the c4 brick takes up a slot for the melee weapons and not explosives, allowing you to carry the c4 and another explosive at the same time. The c4 brick can also be sued as a melee weapon which can kill target like other common objects, from the front or from the back. The C4 Brick can be found in the Fight Night challenge, in the room close to the gun storage on the second floor of the arena.

  • Fire Paste

The fire past is quite a simple weapon which doesn’t have that many uses: it can be used to make fire appear in the area where this weapon is used. By doing this you’ll be able to accomplish some accidental kills and earning some extra points compared to regular kills. Other than triggering accidents, the fire paste can’t be used in any other way. This weapon can be found in the Death Factory mission, near the second chemical lab, the empty one, pretty close to the starting location: search one of the corners of the room to find it.

  • Fugu Fish

It’s really a stretch calling this item a weapon but since it’s used to trigger a kill, the game considers it as such. The Fugu Fish can be used to terminate the target of The King Of Chinatown mission: it’s a fish that requires to be cooked in a certain way to avoid getting poisoned by eating it. You’ll be able to fond the fish in a kiosk opposite to the alleyway close to where the King is eating.


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