Hitman: Absolution Other Weapons Guide Part 2

Don’t worry folks, we’re truly finally running out of weapons in Hitman: Absolution: the arsenal included in the game is really unprecedented, offering players almost anything to take out their targets with being seen or just drop the stealth mask and blast away with guns and explosives. How you play the game is up to you and the people at Eidos has given players all they need to to kill their enemies however they wish. The weapons detailed here are mostly used to trigger specific accidents and completing challenges included in each mission. This weapons are sorted in alphabetical order so if you don’t find what you’re looking for check out the other weapons guide.

  • Lighter Fuel

The word fuel make you think about exploding stuff and flames? Well, you’re right: the lighter fuel is used to accelerate the ignition of charcoal and is used to trigger accidental kills, which make you earn more points per kills even though they may be harder to pull. It’s quite a specific object used in a specific mission so you won’t be seeing much of it during the game. The Lighter Fuel can be found in the Shaving Lenny mission, in a storage room with a workbench, close to the grill.

  • Proximity Mine

Probably the only “Other” weapon which can be considered truly as a weapon and in this, the proximity mine is quite unique an destructive even though it’s not meant for stealth play at all. The mines can be manually placed on the ground or thrown: they have a 6 foot radius and become active once they are thrown or placed. The Proximity Mines can also be used as melee weapons with a twist: once a target has been hit with it, the mine will detonate after 3 seconds so be very careful. You’ll encounter two different mine types during the game but their differences are only aesthetic: one type will be colored dark green while the other type will be light green . The blast from the explosion can also be used to trigger accidents, however I suggest you use some other means since you’ll need an enemy nearby to trigger it and there’s no other way to trigger the explosion.┬áThe Proximity Mine can be found in the Dexter Industries, Death Factory, Operation Sledgehammer, Blackwater Park and Absolution missions.


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