Hitman: Absolution Melee Weapons Guide

If you’re old fashioned and prefer some good knife to a gun, Hitman: Absolution has something for you as well: a vast selection of melee weapons to use to complete your missions or simply kill someone who’s been getting in your way. Here are the melee weapons in the game in alphabetical order

  • Agency Tanto Knife

The Agency Tanto Knife is a regular knife which can be used for stabbing a target in the stomach and slit his throat from behind. The knife can also be launched and used as a distraction. The Agency Tanto Knife can be found in the Attack Of The Saints and Operation Sledgehammer missions.

  • Axe

A simple axe that can kill the targets in a few different ways: it can be simply swung, hooked around an enemie’s neck or used to hit the ribs. The Axe can also be thrown: landing a hit on the head will kill the target. You can also use the axe as a distraction. This weapon can be found in A Personal Contract, The King Of Chinatwon, Shaving Lenny, Dexter Industries and Attack Of The Saints missions.

  • Baseball Bat

This weapon doesn’t feature anything different from the other melee weapons: you can take a swing at an enemy or use it to strangle them. Throwing the bat and use it as a distraction also works. The Baseball bat can be found in the Birdie’s Gift, Shaving Lenny, Fight Night, Attack Of The Saints, Skurky’s Law and Blackwater Park missions.

  • Battle Axe

The Battle Axe doesn’t have any real difference from the regular axe: it can be swung against enemies, used to strangle them from behind, hit their ribs and thrown as a projectile weapon or to be used as a distraction. This weapon can be found in the Blackwater Park mission.

  • Bill Spike

The Bill Spike works just like the other melee weapons: it can be used to slit throats from behing, stab targets or used as a projectile weapon. This weapon can be found in the Welcome To Hope, Shaving Lenny and Attack Of The Saints missions.

  • Bong

The Bong is one of the breakable melee weapons found in the game: it can still be used as a projectile, but only once. At the same time you can also smash it on targets’ heads, from the front or the back. This weapon can be found in the Run For Your Life, End Of The Road, Death Factory and Blackwater Park missions.


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