Hitman: Absolution Melee Weapons Guide Part 9

Enough!! That’s what someone is probably thinking when looking at all the melee weapons available in Hitman: Absolution. But I think that having a wider choice is better than not having it at all, especially in a game where adaptability is the key to survival. All weapons are sorted in alphabetical order so if you cannot find what you are looking for here just check out the other parts of the guide.

  • Syringe

The Syringe is one of the very few non lethal weapons available in the game: it can be used in close quarters combat and even stealth takedowns. Once used, the target will be out of commision for quite some time. Please note that the syringe can only be used once: after an enemy has been it it will become useless. The Syringe can also be used to kill targets with a well aimed throw to the head. You can also use it as a distraction to lure enemies away from their positions. The Syringe can be found in the Rosewood and Death Factory missions.

  • Tomahawk

Is this Assassin’s Creed 3 or Hitman: Absolution? The tomahawk has the same uses as the regular axe: you can kill enemies from the front, from the side and from the back. Just like the axe and a few other weapons, it can be used lethally even from afar: take aim to the targets’ head and throw the tomahawk to kill them. With all things considered, the tomahawk can be considered as a simple other design of the axe, since it doesn’t feature anything more or anything less. The Tomahawk can be found in the Welcome to Hope, Endo Of The Road, Skurky’s Law and Blackwater Park missions.

  • Toy Robot

The Toy Robot is a breakable melee weapon capable of killing targets from the front or back by smashing them on the targets’ heads. Other than this it doesn’t have many uses: it can be used as a distraction or to lure enemies away but it’s still going to break after being thrown, so be careful. To be honest, there are more useful melee weapons available so the distraction use is probably the best use for the poor Toy Robot. The Toy Robot can be found in the Rosewood mission, inside the nursery close to the medical lab.


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