Hitman: Absolution Melee Weapons Guide Part 6

Having a vast selection of weapons is never a bad thing in a game, especially if your virtual lives ride with it. In Hitman: Absolution there’s never a lack of melee weapons, as seen in this Melee Weapons Guides.

  • Mace

A melee weapon in the true sense of the world: the Mace is a medieval weapon which can be used to kill targets from the front by crushing it on enemies heads or it can be used to strangel enemies from behind. The Mace can also be thrown and deal a good amount of damage or you can use it to lure enemies away. You won’t be seeing much of the Mace in Hitman: Absolution since it’s only available in the Blackwater Park mission.

  • Measuring Tape

The Measuring Tape works pretty much like the fiber wire: it can only be used to strangle targets from behind. The Measuring Tape can be found in the Terminus and One Of A Kind missions.

  • Metal Pipe

The Metal Pipe is a classic for melee weapons: it can be used to attack enemies, hit their heads and strangle them from behind. As a throwable weapon it can be used as a distraction or to damage enemies. The Metal Pipe can be found in the Run For Your Life, Hunter and Hunted, Welcome To Hope, Birdie’s Gift, Shaving Lenny, Dexter Industries, Fight Night, Attack Of The Saints, Operation Sledgehammer and Countdown missions.

  • Morning Star

The Morning Star works pretty much as the Mace with the difference of being more deadly when thrown: a well aimed throw to the head can kill a target, even though it’s probably more effective in its other uses. Alternatively you can attack enemies from the front, hit them in the head and strangle them from behind. The Morning Star can be found in the Fight Night and Blackwater Park missions.

  • Plunger

Let’s get creative with an incredibly common object getting used a weapon for murder: you can strangle enemies with the plunger from behind, crush it on their heads or simple be thrown as a distraction. There are more useful melee weapons out there, to be honest. The Plunger can be found in the Terminus, Welcome To Hope, Death Factory, Operation Sledgehammer and Countdown missions.


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