Hitman: Absolution Melee Weapons Guide Part 5

More melee weapons ae getting analized today in the Melee Weapons Guide for Hitman: Absolution. Expect some common and not so common use objects become some deadly weapons for murder.

  • Gavel

The Gavel is quite a unique weapon in the game since it can only be found during a single mission. It’s unique to find but it behaves pretty much like most of the melee weapons in the game: the small hammer commonly used by judges can be used to kill a target from the fron or strangle them from the back or use it a throwable weapon: since it won’t be killing a target with a good aimed throw, it’s better to use it simply as a distraction. The Gavel is carried by Judge Strickland in the Skurky’s Law mission.

  • Glass Shiv

The Glass Shiv is a broken piece of glass and it’s as unique as the gavel in the sense that it can only be found during a single mission. Unlike the gavel, this weapon is a bit more useful: you can stab enemy in the stomach from the front, slit their throats from behind and kill enemies from a distance with a well aimed throw to the head. Like all the other melee weapons, you can throw it to lure enemies away as a distraction. The Glass Shiv can be found in the Skurky’s Law mission, in the evidence room.

  • Golf Club

If you ever wanted to smash a target’s head and making it look like a real sport, the Gold Club is the weapon best suited for you: you can kill a target from the front with it or use it to strangle them from behind. It can’t kill targets from a distance but you can still use it as a distraction to lure enemies away from you. The Golf Club can be found in the Attack Of The Saints and Skurky’s Law missions.

  • Hammer

A commonly found object which can be used quite easily as a weapon. Being so common in appearance, its uses are as common as it looks: smasj targets heads from the front, strangle them from behind. A hit from afar by a thrown hammer can be damaging but I was neve able to kill a single target with a single throw. The Hammer can be found in the A Personal Contract, Run For Your Life, Shaving Lenny, Dexter Industries, Death Factory, Fight Night, Skurky’s Law, Operation Sledgehammer and Countdown missions.


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