Hitman: Absolution Melee Weapons Guide Part 4

More melee weapons to be analyzed in this part of the melee weapons guide: in Hitman: Absolution there’s always a way to terminate your target and if firearms are not your thing, look no further and grab any object you can find.

Fire Axe

The Fire Axe can be used to terminate targets in a variety of ways: you can damage enemies with multiple strikes or kill them with a swing into the ribs from the side, a hit on the head or strangle them from behind. The Fire Axe can also be used as a projectile weapon but it’s not as useful as lighter weapons like the fillet knife: without the throwing II and III abilities your throws will be quite weak. When trying to kill an enemy from afar with the axe, always aim for the head. The Fire Axe can be found in the Rosewook and Countdown missions.

Fire Extinguisher

The Fire Exstinguisher is a rather limited melee weapon: it can’t be thrown or used as a distraction. The only thing you’ll be able to do with it is kill the target by hitting them from behind. The Fire exstinguisher can be found in the Terminus, Hunter and Haunted, Rosewood, Death Factory, Attack of The Saints, Skurky’s Law and Blackwater Park missions.

Folding Knife

The Folding Knife, like all the other knives included in the game, is a really useful melee weapons with multipla uses: the targets can be taken down from behind, stabbed in the stomach from the front and even killed from afar, by using the knife as a projectile and hitting an enemy in the head. Once thrown, the knife can also be recovered, making it useful for distraction tactics. The Folding Knife can be found in the Run For Your Life and Death Factory missions.

Gasoline Tank

A rather unique melee weapon combining melee properties with explosives. The tank can be used as a standard melee weapon and can be used in stealthy takedowns like usual. As a thrown weapon, it can be used in messy situations and against multiple enemies: some time after throwing the tank will explode, taking down any enemy in the vicinity but alerting everyone else. The Gasoline Tank can be found in The King Of Chinatown, Terminus, Hunter and Haunted, Rosewood, Birdie’s Gift, Shaving Lenny, Dexter Industries, Death Factory, Fight Night, Attack Of The Saints, Operation Sledgehammer, Blackwater Park and Absolution missions.

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