Hitman: Absolution Melee Weapons Guide Part 3

Anything can be used as a melee weapon: it’s an undeniable fact in Hitman: Absolution. Today we’ll keep checking out some more melee weapons: remember that these weapons can also break after use so plan your strategy accordingly.

  • Crowbar

The carbon steel crowbar behaves pretty much like other unbreakable weapons: it can be used to simply attack targets or kill them from the front or the back. It can also be used to strangle targets and as a projectile weapon. Since it can’t be destroyed you can recover it after throwing. The Crowbar can be found in the Shaving Lenny, Fight Night, Attack of The Saints and Countdown missions.

  • Dog’s Bone

Another simple melee weapon with an extra feature: the bone can be used to attack targets, kill them from the front and back and even strangle them. Like other melee weapons, it can be used as a projectile weapon. You can also use the bone to divert dogs’ attention. The Dog Bone can be found in the Shaving Lenny, End Of the Road, Attack Of The Saints and Absolution missions.

  • Dummy Arm

The Dummy Arm is a severed arm from a crush test dummy: it behaves like other melee weapons without any special feature. Use it to kill targets or as a distraction as you see fit. This weapon can be found in the Dexter Industries, Death Factory and Skurky’s Law missions.

  • Fiber Wire

The Fiber Wire is the signature weapon of Agent 47 and it’s always available for use: it’s the perfect stealth weapon since it doesn’t leave any trace of blood and the target won’t have any time to make any noise and raise an alert. Being a melee weapon it still requires you to be stealthy and get close to the enemy so it’s best not to use it in areas where you may get noticed. In this game the Fiber Wire can also be used to drag dead victims as soon as they are killed: it’s not an exclusive feature of the Fiber Wire but, being always available, you’re gonna do it with this weapon most of the times.

  • Filet Knife

The Filet Knife can be used as all the other melee weapons: strike the enemy, kill them by stabbing them in the stomach or cutting their throats from behind. Being a knife, as a projectile weapon it can kill a target with some good aiming: if you throw the knife at the head you’ll get a guaranteed kill. The Filet Knife can be found in the A Personal Contract and The King Of Chinatown missions.

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