Hitman: Absolution Melee Weapons Guide Part 10

We’re finally done: with this last part of the Melee Weapons Guide for Hitman: Absolution we will have covered all the melee and regular weapons included into the game. You may think you have enough weapons at your disposal in taking down enemies and completing the missions but that’s not true, since there are some more weapons which can’t be inserted in either category, which will be covered in another guide. Weapons are sorted in alphabetical order, so if you want to know about a weapon not covered here you’ll only have to check the other nine parts of the guide.

  • Vase

A standard vase which doesn’t offer anything truly unique, except for the fact that it can be found in quite some locations. You can use the vase to kill targets from the front or the back by smashing it on enemies’ heads. Other than this, the vase doesn’t have much use: you can throw it but it won’t be killing targets, even with throws aimed to the head. The only other use for the vase is to lure enemies away or simply as a distraction. The Vase will also break once it’s been used. The Vase can be found in the Terminus, Run For Your Life, Skurky’s Law and Absolution missions.

  • War Hammer

Things are serious with this War Hammer: you can attack enemies head on, kill them by crushing their heads or strangle them from behind. If you don’t fear a head on confrontation with the enemies, this is the weapon for you. You may want to use this weapon as a throwable object: however if you don’t have Throwing II and Throwing II equipped, you may have a hard time covering a good distance since the War Hammer is considered as a Heavy Object. You can use it effectively as a distraction or to damage enemies from afar. The War Hammer can be found in the Blackwater park mission, in the laser protected room in the penthouse: it’s hard to miss since it’s located inside a display case.

  • Wench

The Wench is quite a common object and it can be found in almost all the missions of the game and, as it’s so common to find them, so are its features. The only thing you can do with the wench is terminate a target with a hit to the head from the front or from the back. You can also use it as a distraction or to lure enemies away from a specific position. The Wench is not considered as a heavy object so throw away without using anything special to boost your throwing capabilities. The Wench can be found in the A Personal Contract, Termins, Run For Your Life, Shaving Lenny, End Of The Road, Dexter Industries, Death Factory, Fight Night, Attack Of The Saints, Skurky’s Law and Blackwater Park missions.


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