Hitman: Absolution Easter Eggs and Secrets Guide Part 2

Have you already found the Easter Eggs and Secret that we have covered in the first part of the Hitman: Absolution Sercrets guide? Well done: you’re one step closer to have seen everything the game has to offer. We’re still not yet done in checking all the Easter Eggs available: just like they did with the huge amount of weapons included in the game, we have plenty of easter eggs still to analyze. Here we go!

  • Blood Money Or Absolution?

Scattered on the mission One Of A Kind there are a few references to Hitman: Blood Money. Once you’re in the basement during the mission you will find three mannequins with unique disguises. If you check the left corner of the room you’ll find another mannequin with another unique disguise, the Bird Costume, which was also included in the mission Murder Of Crows found in Hitman: Blood Money. There are also other references to the game in the same area: in the same room with the three mannequins you’ll see notice some newspaper clippings from some levels found in Blood Money. An easter egg for veterans of the series indeed.

  • Want Ice Cream?

During the End Of The Read mission, you will notice five birds and if you get close enough to them, they’ll run from you by flying: if you are quick enough to shoot all of them down you will receive a special surprise. It’s a well hidden secret that could be than worth the poor bird’s life but hey, the life of a hitman is never an easy one.

  • Dogs and Bones

In the End Of The Road mission, you’ll find a dog bone near the grave dug by Lenny. Do not touch this bone and searhc for the other two which are found nearby: the first one is close to the dead dog to the right of the grave and another is to the left to the coach, a little farther than the grave’s area. Get both bones and throw them into the grave with the first bone to enjoy this little easter egg.

  • Nuke

In the Dexter’s Industries stage, inside the main building where all the mines are on display, if you look uo you’ll notice a large bomb. Shoot it a couple times to trigger the bomb and watch the cutscene: as you would expect, the whole lab will be destroyed, killing Agnet 47 as well and making the mission a complete failure.


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