Fire Emblem: Awakening Starter Classes Guide: Dancer, Dark Mage

With the possibility to truly switch classes for the first time ever in the series, Fire Emblem: Awakening has a lot of starter classes to choose from, allowing players to have a lot of freedom in customizing their army to their liking. While it’s true that characters won’t be able to switch to all starter classes, the choice is so broad that you will soon be forgetting about the limitations of the system. At the end of day, it will be up to you to create a really effective team with the right combination of classes and skills and we’re here to help you making these choices but going over all the starter and advanced classes of the game, with some general features and skills coming as default for the class.

  • Dancer

The Dancer is another special class, but it’s way more useful than the others we have analyzed so far. The Dancer can move again after acting so that it can use all the possible movement range available in a single turn. It’s also got good skill and speed growth, meaning that dancers will attack twice most other enemies, have a good evade and critical rate. All the other stats are pretty low so don’t expect to deal a whole lot of damage to enemies. However the double movement makes this class really useful and by using the class change system to your advantage, you can improve all the other stats and then revrt back to Dancer. Dancers can equip swords and cannot promote to any other advanced class type. Dancers learn the Luck+4 skill at level 1 and the Special Dance skill at level 15.

  • Dark Mage

The Dark Mage class is an unique type of mage class which has access to some excluive attacks: Dark Mages are the only class which can use dark magic spells. Aside from this peculiarity, there’s nothing much to be said: they have some good HP growth and all the other stats have avarage growths, excpet for strength which is just bad, but the strength stat is useless to mages so it doesn’t really matter. When compared to regular mages, dark mages have slightly worse stats but nothing to big. In the end it’s just a matter of preference: if you want to make use of dark magic spells, the dark mage is your choice. Otherwise, just stick to regular mages. The Dark Mages can use all kind of tomes, including darkness types and they promote to Dark Knight or Sorceror, depending on your choice. They learn the Magic+3 skill at level 1 and the Crimson Curse skill at level 10.


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