Fire Emblem: Awakening Starter Classes Guide: Tactician, Mercenary

With the possibility to truly switch classes for the first time ever in the series, Fire Emblem: Awakening has a lot of starter classes to choose from, allowing players to have a lot of freedom in customizing their army to their liking. While it’s true that characters won’t be able to switch to all starter classes, the choice is so broad that you will soon be forgetting about the limitations of the system. At the end of day, it will be up to you to create a really effective team with the right combination of classes and skills and we’re here to help you making these choices but going over all the starter and advanced classes of the game, with some general features and skills coming as default for the class.

  • Tactician

The Tactician class is an incredibly balanced class which is exclusive to the player created unit. All stats have a decent growth, except for defense which pretty low. The Tactician can equip both Swords and Tomes, making this unit pretty versatile with short and long range attack possibilities. You can also specialize this unit in physical attacks or magic by changing to a fighter or mage class and then switch back to this class to enjoy the stat bonuses. Even as a support and double unit there are some nice bonuses so however you use this class, you’ll probably be in for a great unit. Tacticians learn the Veteran skill at level 1 and the Solidarity Skill at Level 10. They can only promote to Grandmaster, which will make this unit even more powerful.

  • Mercenary

The Mercenary class is a slight improvement over other physical oriented starter classes like the fighter. This class has got a great HP and Skill growth, with decent speed and strength, allowing them to hit twice slower units like the Knight. With the use of all sword types, the Mercenary can hit fast and hard a lot of units types. However I wouldn’t reccomend keeping an umpromoted Mercenary in your army since they’re pretty basic in all features and Heroes and Bow Knights can be so much better and have some more unique features to them. Get them to level 20 as soon as you can and then promote them!Mercenaries learn the Weapon Saver at level 1 and the Late Initiative at level 10. The Mercenary can be promoted to Hero or Bow Knight depending on your choices.


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