Fire Emblem: Awakening Starter Classes Guide: Myrmidon, Pegasus Knight

With the possibility to truly switch classes for the first time ever in the series, Fire Emblem: Awakening has a lot of starter classes to choose from, allowing players to have a lot of freedom in customizing their army to their liking. While it’s true that characters won’t be able to switch to all starter classes, the choice is so broad that you will soon be forgetting about the limitations of the system. At the end of day, it will be up to you to create a really effective team with the right combination of classes and skills and we’re here to help you making these choices but going over all the starter and advanced classes of the game, with some general features and skills coming as default for the class.

  • Myrmidon

The Myrmidon class is one of the best classes to dish out some serious damage: their speed and strenght is pretty good and they’ll almost always hit twice since they’re so much more agile than other classes. The main problem with this class is that their defense is pretty low, meaning that they go down with a few hita of a stronger unit. If they fight someone faster than them, it’s almost certain deatg: to use them effectively you have to use other units with higher defense stat to defend them. Their evade is also pretty nice and this allows them to avoid enemy attacks more easily than other classes. Myrmidon can only use swords, they promote to Swordmaster or Assassin, depending on your choice. They learn the Avoid skill at level 1 and the Vantage skill at level 10 which allows them to attack before the enemy during a counterattack phase.

  • Pegasus Knight

The Pegasus Knight is a female only class: it’s really effective for long ranged movement and taking out units with low defense stats, especially mages since the Pegasus Knight’s resistance is really high. Their stats aren’t really too high but speed, skill and resistance raise up pretty quickly. Keep them away from archers since bows inflict extra damage to them and, given the not so great defense stat, they can be taken down easily. One of the best thing about the Pegasus Knights is that they can also move over obstacles. Pegasus Knights can only equip lances, they can promote to Falcon Knight or Dark Flier depending on your choice. They learn the Speed + 2 skill at level 1 and the Refresh Skill at level 10.

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