Fire Emblem: Awakening Character Recruitment Guide: Chapter 5

One of the main focuses of recent Fire Emblem games is the possibility to recruit a lot of characters for your army. Fire Emblem: Awakening is not so different in this regard, with a lot of characters available for recruitment. As always, many of the characters can join you automatically but for some others you will have to take specific steps to make them join like deploying a specific character and make them talk with the possible recruit. With the many advanced classes available in the game you may want to recruit as many characters as possible to create the most diverse army: some classes are only useful in specific situations and that’s where the many characters of the game will come in. In this guide we will be listing all the characters available, both automatic recruitments and optionals, with small descriptions for each character: a lot of the automatically recruited characters often have something they’re really good at and I always recommend to not change their class to a different type. You will have plenty of occasions to do so with the optional characters: unlike the story ones, they have some more average features and are perfect to experiment with customization. So save your seals for these characters.

  • Chapter 5: The Exalt And The King


Maribel will join the party automatically during this Chapter. She’s quite a bit better than your standard healer since her starter class is a mounted class. With her high mobility she’s perfect to support both frontline and ranged characters. It’s better to keep her away from the frontlines since she’s not too resistant to attacks. As a support unit she works well so you can pair her up to whoever you wish.


Ricken will join your army automatically during this Chapter. He’s pretty much your standard mage and he really doesn’t have anything that makes him stand out from other similar classes. You can customize him pretty much any way you want or just leave him be in your army and focus on more capable characters, the choice is all yours. Since he starts out as a mage, it’s best to switch to some magic oriented classes as to make the best out of its starting tomes proficiency. Since it’s not too high you can also choose a completely different path for him.


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