Fire Emblem: Awakening Basic Strategies Guide Part 2

Get the hang of Fire Emblem: Awakening yet? The game is a lot more forgiving than past Fire Emblem games so I0m sure even newcomers to the series have been able to start the game without too much trouble. If you’re still having some troubles getting started or if enemies are crushing you without having a chance to fight back, you may want to check out some more basic and advanced tips we will covering over here. In a strategy role playing game knowing things beforehand will prove to be essential in conquering the enemies and completing your missions without having too much problems.

  • Fight together

When planning units’ movement, always consider making units move together and engage the enemy when they are close to each other: you will be able to take down a single enemy easier when focusing on him and you will also have a chance to initiate a dual strike attack. The supporting unit will grant a special bonus to the attack of the main unit, causing more damage and some other different extra effects. Doing this simple strategy with coupled units will allow you to unleash some devastating attacks.

  • Defend Together

As I said before, making characters move together and stand next to each other is the way to go in this game: there’s a chance that close units will initiate a Support Block, completely negating any damage given to the main unit. This is incredibly useful especiallywhen facing leaders and units dealing a lot of damage. Since there’s a set percentage of chance, you must not rely too much on Support Block but if it activates, you will receive quite and advantage.

  • Know your enemy… and your numbers

This may seem strange, but most newcomers to the tactical role playing game genre ignore the fact that you can check out the effects of an action before the action is performed. This is incredibly important since you may want to take some chances against an enemy in critical condition. You can calculate total damage and hit rate in a simple way: take the attackers Attack stat and subtract the defender’s defense stat. Hit rate can be done with the same method, exchanging attack and defens with the hit stat and the avoid values.


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