Fire Emblem: Awakening Advanced Grinding Tips

How are your units growing in Fire Emblem: Awakening? There will be hard times and hard battles waiting for you but with a but of training there’s nothing our young heroes won’t be able to overcome. Unlike past Fire Emblem titles, where a sound strategy and good equipment was the only weapon available, in Awakening you will have plenty of occasions to grind your way to a better battle performance. In the previous Grinding guide we have covered some basics of grinding: in this guide we will be covering some tips which will be useful for both newbies and veterans. So, get your swords and armors, ready your horse and get ready to fight once again,

  • Weaker Units To The Side

This could be pretty obvious but sometimes frustration gets the best of us and we forget some simple strategies. When trying to improve some weaker units, it’s good to bring only a few of them in battle and keep them out of the action as much as it’s possible to avoid dying. It’s not that you should leave them completely behind as the rest of the units move forward: move the weaker units together with the rest of the army but keep them away from danger. The best thing to do is to make them move pretty close to a strong unit who can del a lot of damage: leave the enemy with little health left and let the weaker unit land the killing blow. By using this strategy weaker unit will receive the extra experience points they need.

  • Pairing

Adding to the previous strategy is the chance of pair ups during battle: non support units standing close to each other have a chance to partecipate in battle as a secondary unit, dealing damage or other bonuses. While, in the case of weaker characters, the damage won0t be too high, this will allow them to gain some extra bonus experience. Unfortunately this is all by chance so the only thing you can do is keep a strong unit close to a weaker one.

  • Sparks On The Battlefield

During battles you’ll surely notice how there are some shining spots on the battlefield: those spots will give you bonus items, randm stat boosts and most of all, experience. While training weaker units it’s best to make them go there so to get not only the experience points but also a potential stat boost.

  • Reincarnation?

Disgaea anyone? If you want to make the best out of your units there’s an easy way to make your stats higher even past the supposed level cap: use the master seal on any unit and choose the same class. Level will go back to 1 but all your stats will receive some nice bonuses.


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