Fire Emblem: Awakening Advanced Classes Guide: Warrior, Berserker

Now that we have covered all the basic starter classes, it’s time to take a look at the advanced classes included in Fire Emblem: Awakening. Most of these classes are actually more specialized versions of the starter classes and feature overall better growth and skills. It’s important to play aroiund with the class change system to make the advanced classes as strong as they can be. Changing a mage into a physical oriented class won’t be doing you any good since all the bonus stats will be related to the magic stat and so on. It’s still possible to make some drastic changes but it’s going to require more work and it’s probably not worth it. Still, the possibility is there to customize your army to your likings.

  • Warrior

The Warrior class is a male exclusive unit and all things considered, they’re a pretty good class: they have a great strength growth and they can be devastating when that stat is maxed. As an added bonus they can also use bows, making them just as deadly on long range. Resistance and Magic stats are pretty low so avoid fighting mages at all costs: the vantage skill may be helping you a bit since warriors attacking first means that the mages will die before being able to perform their attacks. The Counter skill is also very useful, making them great at killing enemies even in counterattack phases. The Warrior learns the Rally Strength skill at level 5 and the Counter skill at level 15. They promote from the Fighter and Barbarian starter classes.

  • Berserker

The Berserker is another male exclusive advanced class and, as you may expect, is a physical oriented one. It’s actually pretty good, it not too much versatile. The only thing they can do is crush their enemies and they do it well: the strenght growth is high so you’ll likely to max that stat, movement range is decent and speed is just as good, meaning that you may be able to attack slower units twice. The only drawback to this unit is the fact that both defense and resistance are low so they can get killed pretty easily: only start fights that you know you can win and keep them away from the frontlines as much as you can. Berserker learns the Wrath skill at level 5 and the Axe Expert skill at level 15. They promote from the barbarian starter class.


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