Fire Emblem: Awakening Advanced Classes Guide: Sword Master, Assassin

Now that we have covered all the basic starter classes, it’s time to take a look at the advanced classes included in Fire Emblem: Awakening. Most of these classes are actually more specialized versions of the starter classes and feature overall better growth and skills. It’s important to play around with the class change system to make the advanced classes as strong as they can be. Changing a mage into a physical oriented class won’t be doing you any good since all the bonus stats will be related to the magic stat and so on. It’s still possible to make some drastic changes but it’s going to require more work and it’s probably not worth it. Still, the possibility is there to customize your army to your likings.

  • Sword Master

While the Sword Master growth rates may not be so impressive, this unit is perfect as a supportive role. They start out great, attacking all unit types twice thanks to their high speed and even dealing great damage. Later on, they become quite useless against armored unit since the low grow rates don’t allow stats to max out. Despite this, it’s a really good unit to have to dispose of non armored units fast: as an added bonus, their skill stat is really high so they won’t be missing attacks. An overall solid unit, only overshadowed by the other advanced class available from the Myrmidon. The Sword Master learns the skill Astra at level 5 and the skill Swordfire at level 15. The Sword Master promotes from the starter class Myrmidon.

  • Assassin

The Assassin class if one of the best classes of the game: assassins have great speed and skill and attack power, allowing them to crush most enemies in a single attack. They have horrible defense and resistance so they really should never be in enemies’ range: HP are also pretty low and they die pretty quickly. Movement range is decent as well so they can be used for hit and run tactics. Support and double effects are also great, granting a bonus to strength, skill and speed. Other than swords, assassins can also equip bow, giving them some long range capabilities: the high speed will allow them to attack twice with the bow as well. Assassins learn the Lethality skill at level 5 and the Pass skill at level 15. Assassins promote from the Myrmidon and Thief starter classes.


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