Fire Emblem: Awakening Advanced Classes Guide: Sniper, Trickster

Now that we have covered all the basic starter classes, it’s time to take a look at the advanced classes included in Fire Emblem: Awakening. Most of these classes are actually more specialized versions of the starter classes and feature overall better growth and skills. It’s important to play aroiund with the class change system to make the advanced classes as strong as they can be. Changing a mage into a physical oriented class won’t be doing you any good since all the bonus stats will be related to the magic stat and so on. It’s still possible to make some drastic changes but it’s going to require more work and it’s probably not worth it. Still, the possibility is there to customize your army to your likings.

  • Sniper

The Sniper is the ultimate ranged class of Fire Emblem: Awakening. Their stats allow them to hit fast and hard, with incredibly high accuracy and skill which increases the chances for critical attacks. Their nice speed stat allows them to attack twice most slow moving units. Also, flying units don’t stand a chance against archers, dying most times with a single attack. As with Archers, it’s best to keep Sniper away from the mainline since they have horrible defense. Even as a supporting unit the Snipers perform very well with good bonuses awarded to strength, skill and defense. Skills aren’t probably the best but there’s always a way to get the best skills of each class by playing around with the class change system. A solid unit and greatly recommended. Snipers learn the Accuracy +20 skill at level 5 and the Bow Expert skill at level 15. They promote from the Archer starter class.

  • Trickster

The Trickster is probably the best choice if you’re looking for a nice support unit with versatility; they can equip both staves and swords, awarding them the ability to heal and even attack as you see fit. They also have great movement, making them a lot better than units only specializing in healing. As far as stat goes, they’re pretty decent, with magic and strength falling behind past level 10: still they’re not made for high damage but for support. Use them to finish enemies with low HP and never let them be in the front since defense is quite low compared to other offensive units. Still, as healers, they’re probably one the best choices: playing around with the class system will allow them to learn some useful skills. Tricksters learn the Lucky 7 skill at level 5 and the Acrobat skill at level 15. Tricksters promote from the Thief starter class.

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