Fire Emblem: Awakening Advanced Classes Guide: Hero, Bow Knight

Now that we have covered all the basic starter classes, it’s time to take a look at the advanced classes included in Fire Emblem: Awakening. Most of these classes are actually more specialized versions of the starter classes and feature overall better growth and skills. It’s important to play aroiund with the class change system to make the advanced classes as strong as they can be. Changing a mage into a physical oriented class won’t be doing you any good since all the bonus stats will be related to the magic stat and so on. It’s still possible to make some drastic changes but it’s going to require more work and it’s probably not worth it. Still, the possibility is there to customize your army to your likings.


The Hero class if quite a good unit: it’s a jack of all trades but actually more than competent in all areas. The Hero’s starting stats are high and over them he’ll only become better: the only stat that may be falling behind it Magic since it’s got a really low growth but honestly, Magic is just secondary when you have such high attack poer and speed at your disposal. While not the best, the high speed stat will allow you to attack twice most units. Being able to equip Swords and Axes means that they are able to deal a good amount of damage to most units. The skills available are just as good: the Sol skill allows HP Recovery and the Axe Slayer skill means death to any axe wielding enemy. A recommended class! Heroes learn the Sol skill at level 5 and the Axe Slayer Skill at level 15. They promote from the Mercenary and Fighter starter classes.

Bow Knight

The Bow Knights can be good substitutes for Archers but not as
effective as Snipers as far as ranged capabilities go: they can be versatile thanks to the fact that they can equip swords and have high mobility being mounted but if you’re looking for a specialized bow units Snipers are the better choice. Growth wise this class has good HP and Speed growths, with everything else falling behind. The Bow Knight can be quite effective when you need to move pretty fast on the battlefield: if you’re looking for the best damage, use the Snipers since they also have better speed and may attack slower enemies twice, something the Bow Knight can hardly do. Bow Knghts learn the Rally Skill at level 5 and the Bow Slayer skill at Level 15. They promote from the Mercenary and Archer starter classes.


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