Fire Emblem: Awakening Advanced Classes Guide: Great Knight, General

Now that we have covered all the basic starter classes, it’s time to take a look at the advanced classes included in Fire Emblem: Awakening. Most of these classes are actually more specialized versions of the starter classes and feature overall better growth and skills. It’s important to play around with the class change system to make the advanced classes as strong as they can be. Changing a mage into a physical oriented class won’t be doing you any good since all the bonus stats will be related to the magic stat and so on. It’s still possible to make some drastic changes but it’s going to require more work and it’s probably not worth it. Still, the possibility is there to customize your army to your likings.

  • Great Knight

The Great Knight is the second possible promotion for Cavaliers: it’s a more defense oriented advanced class than the Paladin. While still being mounted, they have lower mobility than their base class: this actually makes them better than standard knights, who have horrible movement, in both defense and offense. Defensively, they can reach the frontlines faster; offensively they deal way more damage than Knights. As an added bonus, they can use Sword, Lances and Axes: this means they can deal the max possible damage on almost every unit. Hp growth is quite high, as well as the strength one; defense growth is low compared to Knights but the starting stat is quite high. Great Knights learn the Luna skill at level 5 and the Dual Guard + at level 15. Great Knights promote from the Cavalier starter class.

  • General

If the Great Knight was good enough for both defense and offense, the General is THE tank class of Fire Emblem: Awakening. Put a General ahead of the rest of your unit and watch all attacks from the enemies fail. Attack power is also incredibly high so in addition to defending, the General will also take out most enemies with a couple of attacks. However you will also have to take into account this class’ weaknesses: it has very low movement range and even worse speed, meaning that most enemies will attack the General twice. Aside from these two things, the General is incredibly reliable and a good addition to your army. The General┬álearns the Rally Defense skill at level 5 and the Great Shield skill at level 15. The General promotes from the Knight starter class.

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