Dmc – Devil May Cry Secret Missions Guide – Mission 6-10 Guide

How’s the party going in Dmc – Devil May Cry? While the main campaign won’r probably be too hard for the veterans of the series, at least on the normal difficulty setting, things can get more complicated while attempting the many secret missions included in the game. In this guide we will cover missions number 6 through 10: some hard stuff is already coming out in these missions but follow our advices, persevere and you will be fine.

  • 06 – Rapid Descent

Probably one of the worst racing missions of the game: to complete it you will have to clear it within the time limit and also touch the 20 markers placed all around the course. You probably will have to try this one multiple time: try to see where you can do things a bit faster and learn where all the markers are so you can plan slightly ahead. It took me a lot of tries so perseverance is the key here.

  • 07 – A Taste Of Heaven

To complete this mission you will have to destroy all enemies within the time limit. The thing is that both Dante and the enemies will die in a single hit! Don’t worry though since it’s easier than it looks like: wide area attacks are the best here. Keep you distance, evade attacks and use some well placed attacks to make it out without any problem.

  • 08 – Stylish Victory

To complete this mission you will have to get a S rank for your combos. This one is pretty easy: the combo system awards players with good points if they switch up attacks frequently. With the many options at your disposal, you’ll do this quickly. If you want to follow a general guide, I suggest you start using all the attacks available on the ground and then launch your enemy in the air and keep on attacking.

  • 09 – Bait And Switch

You will have to kill all the enemies within the time limit: you can only damage the enemies while the demon evade bonus is active. This is a good training ground to learn the demon evade: there’s no real advice here since it’s all up to your own personal skill.

  • 10 – The Powers Within

You must kill all the enemies before the Devil Trigger expires: this one is pretty easy, just draw the enemies to your and attack them. There are 9 enemies total so you may want to use your strongest attacks to be done as quickly as possible.


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