DmC – Devil May Cry Secret Missions Guide: Mission 16 – 20

Have you honed your skills enough to tackle the next set of Secret Missions in Dmc – Devil May Cry? If you tought everything was easy, you better get ready for some frustration coming your way since we’ll be doing some of the Golden rank Secret Missions and these won’t be easy at all. Like always, a sound strategy and a lot of patience are the key to success here and if at first you don’t succeed, just keep trying until you do: nothing is really too hard with a bit of extra effort thrown in.

  • Mission 16 – Displaced Skirmish

To coplete this mission, you will have to defeat all the enemies withing the time limit. Enemies here can only be damaged from within the active zones so you will have to be a bit smart: drag enemies inside the zones by pulling them in and using wide area attacks. After you have dealt with the first group of enemies, the remaining ones will probably be pretty close to your location: area attacks are the key in this situation as well.

  • Mission 17 – Divergent Slaughter

You must kill all the enemies and never use the same attack twice: the best way to do this is attacking multiple enemies with a single powerful attack. Launch attacks also work great here: just use everything you have and you will probably be done without even trying too much.

  • Mission 18 – Extreme Traversal

Another race missions: just like for the other missions, it’s better to memorize the best path possible which takes less time. If you don’t succeed at first just keep trying and you will be able to do it. Remember to memorize the track and you will be fine.

  • Mission 19 – A Day In Hell

To complete this secret mission you will have to defeat all the enemies, making sure you don’t get hit, not even once, since Dante will die ina single hit. Just like the previous similar missions, ranged attacks and wide area attacks work best. You can also use whatever works best for you, as long as you don’t get it.

  • Mission 20 – Subsistence

To complete this mission, you will have to survive for three minutes. The best way to do so is leaving as little enemies as you can around so that it’s easier to get out of a hairy situation, When the timer reaches 1 minute, Dreamrunners will appear: avoid their teleport attacks and focus in defeating the weaker enemies to recover some health.


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