DmC – Devil May Cry Secret Missions Guide: Mission 11 – 15

How were the first ten secret missions of Dmc – Devil May Cry? If they were easy enough for you, prepare to get frustrated a bit more with the next missions: these are the Silver missions and things are definitely going to get a bit tougher. A good level of mastery of the game’s mechanics will make you go a long way and if you’re having some troubles don’t give up easily: a bit of perseverance and our own advices will help you in these troubling times.

  • Mission 11 – What Goes Around

To complete this mission you will have to defeat all the enemies withing the time limit: while this may seem pretty straightforward, please note that enemies here can only get damaged by other enemies’ attacks! The key to success here is to use the bombs to your advantage: lure enemies close to the bombs while on the ground while use the Arbiter or the Osiris to deflect bombs back at the flying Bathos. It’ll probably end up being easier than it looks like.

  • Mission 12 – Moderate Traversal

Another of the racing missions which shouldn’t be causing you too much trouble: just head for the goal in the fastest way possible. If you fail the first time try to learn from your mistakes: a couple tries and you’ll probably be done with ease.

  • Mission 13 – Flawless Conquest

To complete this mission, you will have to kill all enemies without taking any damage. Like the previous Taste Of Heaven mission, play it safe with ranged attacks and attacks which cover a bigger area than usual. Air attacks are also a good way to go to avoid damage easily.

  • Mission 14 – Colossal Triumph

To compete this mission you will have to defeat the Tyrant within the time limit: the best way to accomplish this is avoiding its first attack and use the Demon Evade bonus to increase overall damage. Use the Demon Pull ability from behind and use the Trinity Smash with the Arbiter to dispose of him quickly. Upgrading such abilities will make the mission even easier.

  • Mission 15 – Hasty Acquisition

Gathering the required number of orbs is the way to go in this mission: ranged weapons will help you quite a lot if you’re good at aiming by yourself. Otherwise just stick to melee weapons and attack the targets on the streets, focusing on groups more to save time.


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