Dmc – Devil May Cry Secret Missions Guide – Mission 1-5 Guide

Dmc is indeed a great game and it totally deserves to be called a Devil May Cry game. As expected out of a game of the series there’s a lot of optional content to be found in the game: some stuff is quite easy to obtain while to get other stuff you may need the help of a guiding hand which may help you get through some of the Secret Missions of the game. And who’s your favorite guiding hand in conquering secrets from games? Even though it may not be Gamersyndrome, we’re still going to help you since we’re just too nice to ignore pleas for help. In this guide we will be covering the first Copper Missions of the game, the easiest type found in the game.

  • Mission 01 – Air Brawl

This one is pretty easy if you have gotten the basics of the game down: Devil May Cry veterans will be able to do it with their eyes closed. To complete this mission you will havr to destroy all the enemies and to damage them you will have to juggle them in the air. Use the basic launcher attack of the Rebellion sword and you’ll be done in no time.

  • Mission 02 – Simple Traversal

This one is the first one of a few racing type scret missions you will find: you will have to reach the goal withing one minute. There’s really nothing to say about this missions: the race is pretty straightforward and you will be able to complete it without too many troubles.

  • Mission 03 – Simple Eradication

To complete this mission, you will have to destroy all enemies within the 1 minute time limit. Pretty easy: just go crazy and you’ll do fine, the enemies here are not too resistant.

  • Mission 04 – Demonic Conflict

To complete this mission, you will have to defeat all the enemies within the time limit, which is just above 1 minute. The thing is that the enemies here, while rather weak, can only be damaged by Demon weapons so just use the Eryx and the Arbiter. As I said, enemies are pretty weak and you won’t have any realy problem in dealing with them.

  • Mission 05 – Angelic Warfare

Just like the previous mission, you will have to kill all the enemies within the time limit: to damage and kill them you can only use Angel weapons so use the Osiris and the Aquila to take care of the enemies. They’re weak and this mission will be a breeze.


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