DmC: Devil May Cry (Mission 5: Virility)

The fifth mission will start with Dante in the bowels of the Virility factory.  Follow Kat through the halls down into the store room.  Head to the back of the storeroom and take a left, in the center of a large open space Kat will send you into Limbo.

Once in Limbo, hop up the first couple of platforms and use the demon pull to yank a platform closer to you.  Run to the end of this platform and use demon pull again.  Then hop up a couple more platforms and head to your right.  Use angel lift to pull yourself to a crate marked “Poison”, then turn to your left and do it again.  Up here you will see a giant web of black much with a demon pull marker, use demon pull to clear a path for yourself and double jump/angel boost.

Upon hopping on this platform two stygian and two shielded pathos will attack you.  Use demon pull/Arbiter on the pathos and Osiris on the styiga.  Then, once they’re finished, use demon pull on a nearby crate to crate a ledge for yourself.  Jump on top of the crate and up again, then use angel lift four times to pull yourself to a new platform.  Now ahead of you should be a red semi-trailer, use angel lift to get close, demon pull to open the doors, and angel boost to jump inside the trailer.

Here you will face the antithesis of the frost knight, the hell knight.  Hell knights have a special move where they stab their blade into the ground and turn their surroundings to fire.  Whenever you see a hell knight stab his sword in the ground, quickly use evade to get away from him.  There will be a second hell knight, this one accompanied by two stygian.  Take out the stygian first, then deal with the hell knight.  After those three, you will have to face a tyrant, three stygian, and three shielded pathos.  This time, do not take out the pathos first, you’ll never get the chance to hit them.  Instead, take out the stygian, then go for the pathos, saving the lumbering tyrant for last.

After the fighting is over, leave the battleground, hang a left, and then a right.  You should pass by a Divinity Statue, so you can stock up if you need to.  Hang two more rights and be ready for a demonic shard to attack you.  Continue down the hall, up a stack of boxes, and to the left.  The camera will zoom across the room, showing you where to go.

Once you regain control of Dante, four pathos will appear and attack you.  Quickly use demon pull/Arbiter to defeat them, then walk to the edge of the first platform and use demon pull to pull yourself across.  Take the left hallway and double jump/angel boost to get yourself to the platform.  Two more pathos will attack you, deal with them and angel lift yourself to safety.   Single jump and angel boost yourself across two platforms, then use demon pull to create  ledge.  As high as you can and take a right.

A hell knight and frost knight will attack you at the same time.  Use demon pull/Arbiter to take care of the hell knight first, as your demon pull will allow you to face him one-on-one.  Then after he’s dead, take on the frost knight.  Continue down the hallway once both of the knights are defeated.

Snake your way through the hall until you come to room that will bar itself upon your entry.  A crapload of stygian will come out of the ground begging to be sliced apart by your Osiris attacks.  Don’t stop using your Karma attack and keep an eye on surrounding stygian that will look to land cheap shots.  After the stygian are dead, a ravager will attack, then another frost knight/hell knight combo.  Finally, three demonic shards will pop up, so be ready to quick draw and shoot them down.

Leave the room and continue to the end of the hall.  Use your angel lift to avoid the Virility on the floor and snake your way around the next two corners.  The hall here will suddenly expand and a death knight will attack you.  Finish him and continue down the hall.

The path splits three ways here, for the quickest way, take the center hall and avoid the spilled Virility.  This will lead to another hallway that will expand as you run down it and give you another death knight to kill.  Continue down the hall and fight the ravager that pops up.  After he’s dead, hang a right, go up the stairs, to the left, and you’ll be in the mixing room.

Dante will take in the grotesque sight, but will soon be interrupted by two stygian and a ravager.  Make special note of the large pool of Virility, avoid the Virility at all costs by pulling enemies to you, instead of going to them.  After the first bout, you will face three stygian and a hell knight.  Kill the stygian first, staying clear of the hell knights floor-to-fire attack, then deal with the knight.  Last, but not least, two tyrants will come after you.  Avoid them and try to focus on taking one down at a time, as these creatures aren’t too difficult once you have them one-on-one.

After they’re done the mission will be completed.

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