DmC: Devil May Cry Guide (Mission 9: Devil Inside)

The old demon will tell you his name Phineas and open a path to Bob Barbas.  Go straight, then use Arbiter to open the door on your right.  Go through and snake through halls to find Phineas again.  After a conversation Phineas will send you to go get a relic from the statue before you.

Hope onto the first platform using angel boost, then angel boost/double jump onto the second platform.  Facing the bright light, look to the left and far down to find another platform, you will need to double jump/angel boost to reach it.  A couple more uses of this maneuver and you will find yourself on the wing of the statue.  Here a witch will attack you.  The annoying part of witches is their shield you must break through to attack them.  These shields are best broken using Osiris’s shedder attack.  After the shield is down, demon pull the witch close and use Rebellion to finish her off.

Once the witch is dead, use angel lift twice, then demon pull, then angel lift twice more to get to the next platform.  Here, double jump/angel boost over the next two gaps.  Now, use angel lift and an angle boost to get to the next part of the statue.  Lastly, use angel lift and a boost ring to grab the key.  A cutscene will start and it’s back to Floaty Broken Building land.

A double jump/angel boost will get you over a gap, then angel lift/angel boost will get you to the final platform.  Use Arbiter to break apart the glowing, red rocks and you will receive devil trigger.  When using devil trigger your enemies will go airborne, use demon pull to bring the enemies back to you and attack them.  After you defeat the three ravagers, you will be back in Bob Barbas’ prison.

Use angel lift and angel boost to clear the first jump, then angel lift will bring you to the next room.  Here, you will fight two rages, however you should have full devil trigger, so dealing with them shouldn’t be too difficult.  Then you will get a handful of stygian and a witch.  Witches are the rare enemy that is best to be defeated before dealing with the underlings.  Their ability to transfer their shield and annoying ranged attack can wreak havoc while trying to fight stygian.  Go after the witch first and use Osiris to take down her shield, then keep her close with demon pull, and finish her with Rebellion.  The stygian should be easy once she’s dead.

After the room is cleared, hop up on the platform, and take a right outside the exit.  Now use angel lift to pull yourself up to the next level.  Circle around the structure and use angle lift/angel boost to clear your first jump.  A double jump/angel boost should get you across the second gap and three angel lifts should get you back on the wing.  Now use angel lift/angel boost to reach the next structure.

In this room, you will get attacked by two death knights and two harpies.  Keep going between the four platforms and pulling enemies toward you to keep things one-on-one.  Leave the harpies for last as they are hard to catch until their wings are blasted off.  After the harpies, it will be two shielded pathos and two death knights.  Again, keep changing platforms and pulling your enemies to you.  Lastly, you’ll face a witch and two harpies.  This isn’t the worst place to use devil trigger. But if want to face them with honor, take out the witch first and then shoot down the harpies.

Once the room is cleared use angel lift three times to get to a high platform.  Then use angel lift again to reach Phineas.

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