DmC: Devil May Cry Guide (Mission 8: Eyeless)

So you gotta get this old guy’s eye back.  After he draws the harpies out, double jump/angel boost to reach him, then angel lift to start your merry chase.  You will see the harpies just ahead of you, follow them using angel lift.  In the next room, use demon pull to creating a ledge for yourself, only to have the harpies yank it away.  To cross the recently created chasm, use angel lift and bust through the wall with the brawler move.  Enter the next room and use demon pull, then angel lift and a boost ring to continue your pursuit.  Continue to follow the harpies down the subway, but watch out for the train that will be barreling by.  Green lights that illuminate the hallway let you know it is safe, but once those lights turn red quickly evade to the opposite side of the tracks to avoid being splattered.  Eventually, you’ll come to a gap that can be cross with a single jump and angel boost.  After you cross a train will come through, avoid the train and cross the next gap.  Avoid one more train and hop out of the subway.

In this room you will face a few stygian and a hell knight while a train runs over your head.  If you can time it right, knock any of your enemies into the air right before a train comes through and the train will splatter them.  After destroying the first bathc, more stygian will arise from the ground followed by even more stygian and a frost knight.

After they are defeated, double jump into the next room and blast away the demon shards.  Continue through the halls and use the brawler move to bust into the hall.  Use the Divinity Statue if you need to and continue your chase after the harpies.  Shoot the demon shards and continue down the hall until you drop into their nest.

Use demon pull to collect the demon’s eye and all hell will break loose.  Fire away at the harpies and use demon pull, once their wings are gone, to bring them close for the kill.  Watch out for their harpoon attacks, but don’t stray too far off the center platform as the glass surrounding it will give away quickly.  A death knight and couple pathos will get involved, it will be hard to single them out with Dante’s auto-aim, so be read to switch quickly from demon pull to handguns and back again.

After the harpies are finished, return using angel lift and go back the way you came.  A demon shard will attack you while exiting the hallways and two rages are waiting before you re-enter the subway.  Once you re-enter the subway, you will have to fight two stygian and a couple demon shards.  Then in the last room before returning to the old man demon you’ll fight two death knights and a tyrant.  Try to take out the death knights first, try pulling them toward you as the tyrant is charging to get some friendly fire.

Once they are defeated, you are home free.  Return the eye and watch the cutscene.

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