DmC: Devil May Cry Guide (Mission 6: Secret Ingredient)

Mission six starts you making a suicide drop.  No biggie.

The easiest way to complete this part of the mission is to avoid the enemies.  Just make a blind dash for the door (for achievement hunters there’s points in killing all of them).  Double jump/angel boost the first two gaps, the second will be a series of angel lifts with angel boost needed to clear the last two steps.  The next leg will start with a demon pull that is hard to spot with all the red around, then use angel life to get across.  A easy jump is next and then the finale is a series of angel lifts with angel boost at the end.  Run to the manhole cover on your left and use demon pull to make an escape for yourself.

Run down the tunnel and Dante find will the succubus.  Not the traditional seducing succubus, this monster is more slug like.  The succubus only has a few moves and they’re easy to avoid.  The first attack is a swipe at Dante that can be avoided with a well timed evade.  After this attack, jump and hack at the red head of the succubus with Rebellion.  When too close, the succubus will use a wind attack to put some distance between it and Dante, but this doesn’t do any damage so don’t sweat it.  Try to stay close and attack as much as you can while watching out for the succubus’ sweeping strike.

After doing enough damage Dante will kick the succubus off of your platform revealing to cords that connect the beast to the ceiling.  You are too far away to hit them now, so head to the left of the platform and use angel lift twice to get closer.  Then use demon pull to disconnect the cord.  After doing that, quickly use angel lift twice again to get back to the platform you started on.

Now you might start to see the succubus’ third and worst move.  The succubus will vomit Virility all over the the platform you are on. The only way to avoid it is to use the angel lift move to get yourself to a different platform.  Once again, your strategy should be avoid the succubus’ attacks then go after it’s head.

After enough hits, the succubus will drop down off the platform again.  Use this opportunity to swing to the far right platform and disconnect the second cord with demon pull.  As before, after disconnecting the cord, use angel lift to get yourself back to the original platform.

Same strategy as before, however after you finish off the succubus you will see a demon pull marker on his head.  Use the demon pull to rip the succubus from his tail connector.  Now it is time to blow this popsicle stand.

While making your exit, the succubus will make a desperate play, popping up through the floor and attacking you.  You will end up on stone platform, floating above a river of Virility.  Use angel lift to escape to another platform, avoiding the succubus’ attack, then use demon pull to move the beast closer to the spinning propeller.  Use the demon pull one more time, and then angel lift to avoid the last ditch attack for the slug like demon.  Now you will find yourself standing on the platform to which the succubus is clinging to for dear life (literally).  Run up to the beast a use Rebellion to break its grip and send it to its death.

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