DmC: Devil May Cry Guide (Mission 4: Under Watch)

After the cutscene Dante will be back in Limbo.  Run straight ahead and Kat will point out the CCTV camera, which spots you and summons some enemies.  It’s just lesser stygian, use Osiris to slice through them, then use demon pull and Arbiter to handle the ravager that will come when the lesser stygian are gone.

Now it’s time to deal with the CCTV camera.  Run to the side street to your left (if you are facing the blocked passage), right above a wall grafittied with the letters “AEJ” there’s a demon pull marker.  Use your demon pull to create a ledge for yourself and angel lift to get yourself up there.  Then jump to the next platform and use demon pull again to create a ledge for yourself.  Hop over to the ledge closest to the CCTV camera and use demon pull to destroy it.

Now the path should be open, continue on your way and the ground in front of you will disappear.  Follow Kat down the stairs and you will be ambushed by demonic shards.  Button mash the “shoot button” as fast as you can to blow the shards away.  Then continue down the alley and take a left down the stairs.

In another courtyard, you will be attacked by lesser stygian and a shielded pathos.  Again, use your demon pull to rip the pathos’ shield away and again to pull it close for the kill.  No sooner is the first shielded pathos dead, then two more will arrive accompanied by a ravager.  Keep your distance from the ravager until the shielded pathos are dead and you should be fine.

Continue through the city streets where you will meet Kat.  The city will start to shift to kill you. Quickly double jump and you angel boost to cross the first chasm, then run to the very edge of the ledge and do it again to jump to safety.

Now you’ll get to fight a frost knight.  They will shoot a line of ice that will trap you if you’re not quick enough, but aside from that they’re pretty easy. Dodge their attacks and use Osiris (particularly the Shredder move) to deal with these guys.  Once you’ve dealt with the first one, a second will pop up, joined by two lesser stygian.  You can use the frost knights freezing attack to your advantage by luring foes into its path and causing some friendly fire.  After this round is defeated a couple shield pathos will attack you, followed a round of lesser stygian and a ravager.  Use Osiris on the lesser stygian and a demon pull/Arbiter combo on the pathos and the ravager.

Once that is all done, take the right hand street (if you are facing the blocked path), there will find an angel lift marker.  Pull yourself up, jump across the street, double jump/angel boost to the far ledge, and use demon pull to take care of the CCTVcamera.  Now hop down and run to Kat who is hiding in a back alley.  She will spray a demon pull marker for you to make a ledge for yourself.   Use demon pull to make another two ledges, then demon pull and angel boost to reach another.  Then hop down and destroy the CCTV camera.

Two pathos, a handful of lesser stygian, and a ravager will attack now.  Stay on the ledge and use demon pull to handle the pathos first.  Then hop down and switch between using Osiris for crowd control and Arbiter for the ravager.

As you make your exit the city will turn on you again.  Use angle boost to zip through the collapsing buildings, follow the street, then use it again to cross a chasm.  Now duck into a hole in the wall to the right and ascend the stairs.  The ground will drop out from under you and you will have to blast away a demon shard.  After that, run down the hall and hang a right.

You will fall into a church where a slew of lesser stygian and two pathos are waiting for you.  Remember, take out the pathos first, then the stygian.  After their finished, a duo of frost knights will attack you.  Get them one-on-one and avoid their freezing attacks, remember only Osiris can damage them.  If you can get them both close, use your sweeping Karma attack to hit them both.  Now you will have another couple of pathos and two ravagers at the same time.  Always get the pathos first, then use demon pull to keep only one ravager close to you.  Be careful, while you are wailing on one, the second will be charging up.  Finally you will have to face a tyrant.  These guys are pretty easy.  Wait for them to charge at you, evade their attack, use demon pull to drag them down, and then slice them up.  Two of these moves and he’ll be done.

The church will start to fall apart, signalling for you to make a dramatic exit.  Do a couple double jump/angel boosts to cross the large chasms, then a series of the angel lifts to pull yourself through the window.

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