DmC: Devil May Cry Guide (Mission 3: Bloodline)

You will start Mission 3 in a large courtyard with a statue in the middle.  A wave of shielded bathos will attack from above.  Use the demon pull to yank their shields away, then use it again quickly to pull them towards you, finally give them quick smack from Arbiter and they’ll be history.  Watch out for the couple death knights on the ground, but try to save them for last as the shielded bathos are more annoying.

After the bathos and death knights are gone, a new enemy will be introduced, the ravager.  These chainsaw wielding demons will take a little while to get their attacks going, but once they charge at you there’s little you can do aside from getting out of their way.  Use your demon pull to yank the helpless ravager to you and wail on them, don’t give them any down time or they’ll charge up their attack.

Once the ravager is dead, Kat will tell you to follow her.  She will open a gateway for you, but limbo will destroy your path before you can reach it.  Return to the courtyard and a new round of baddies will pop out of the ground.  This is the perfect time to bust out Osiris and thin the crowd to a manageable level.  After whittling down the lesser stygian, a ravage will appear.  Use the demon pull/Abriter attack combo to take care of him.

When the enemies are vanquished an angel lift marker will appear on the second level, pull  yourself up and follow the concourse around until you are attacked by another ravager.  Once he is dead, continue across the bridge until you see an opening with a plank hanging off the edge of the concourse.  From here you should spot a series of angel lift markers, follow them to a platform and then use demon pull to create a ledge for yourself to jump to.  Hop your way up a few platforms and you will hear Dante comment on a rose on top of the statue in the middle of the courtyard.  Hop onto the statue and a cutscene will start.

Ahh, back in the old land of floating, broken buildings.  Follow your starting platform to it’s edge and you will receive the angel boost power.  Use the angel boost to hop the first four platforms (you may have to double jump to make a couple of them), then use it again to reach the platform with the stairs far below you.  Take the stairs up and the use the angel lift followed by the angel boost to reach the next platform.  You will have to repeat that combo in succession to reach the next set of stairs.  Ascend these stairs then use the angel boost, followed by a demon pull while in the air to provide a landing spot for yourself.  One more angel boost, a couple flights of stairs, and a few swings of Arbiter will finish your visit to Floating Broken Building Land.

Upon your return you will be greeted with a few pathos, which are like bathos, but shoot darts at you.  When fighting them, keep an eye on a white light that will signal them targeting you.  After you defeat the pathos, some lesser stygian, and a couple death knights, a ravager will come after you.  Use your demon pull to keep the ravagers one-on-one and be sure to evade when they get their chainsaws charged up.

After the ravagers are defeated, use angel boost to cross over to the exit Kat made for you.

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