DmC: Devil May Cry Guide (Mission 20: The End)

Well, it was only a matter of time before this happened.  You won’t be able to harm Virgil until he does a specific attack that’ll be mentioned later in this guide.  First, just get ready to dodge.  Virgil will start by shooting four knives at you.  Evade when you see a light shine from the knife to dodge them, timing is everything.

Virgil’s next attack will be a straight charge at you.  Dodge out of the way, but be careful because the path Virgil took will still harm you.  His third attack will be to jump into the air and shoot a ninja star at you.  His fourth attack will be to jump up in the air and charge down at you.

After you see Virgil do his fourth attack (jump in the air and charge down at you one), evade, then attack him.  Try to string together a combo to get in as many hits as you can.  If you land enough shots the first time, you will trigger a short cutscene.

Now, Virgil will bring up four knives for his knife attack.  Just as before, wait for each knife to shine with light and then evade.  Follow the same strategy as before and again, if you chain your combo well, another short cutscene will trigger.

Virgil’s next attack, thrown into the mix, will to be chucking three ninja stars at you consecutively.  Wait until the first star is about to hit you, then evade out of the way.  Again, timing is everything with this one.  Same as before, avoid his combination of attacks and hit Virgil when he strikes down at you.  Do this well enough and you’ll get the third cutscene.

Virgil will use the same series of attacks again, do enough damage to get a fourth cutscene.

Now Virgil will do another new attack.  This time he will swing his sword and series of blade will strike at you.  Wait until he unsheathes his sword and then evade.  Again, Virgil will mix this in with his other attacks.  Again, wait for his same attack and strike at him.  Then you will get the fifth cutscene.

Virgil is pulling out the big guns (another Virgil).  For the most part they will just do the same attack, making the “ghost” Virgil relatively useless.  If they do get on different attacks, just try to keep you eye on both, but focus on the white Virgil.  Eventually, they will come back together as one Virgil and start the same attack cycle.  Avoid Virgil’s attack and wait for the revealing one, same as before.

Once you have Virgil down to his last bit of health, Black Virgil will show up again.  Don’t bother with Virgil’s second.  Just use your Devil Trigger and hit Virgil where he is lying.  A couple hits and you will have defeated him.

Now you’ve beaten DmC: Devil May Cry.  Go ahead, pat yourself on the back.

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