DmC: Devil May Cry Guide (Mission 2: Home Truths)

At the end of the Mission 1 you will be introduced to Virgil who will take you to your home.  Run down the hall and enter a large ballroom.  Ascend the stairs and take a left.  Here you will find a passage that leads deeper into the house. Use the divinity statue and continue through the halls. In a large sitting room, Dante will have a flashback.  After the reminiscing is done, lesser stygian will start their attack.  Slice through them and then take down the death knight that will emerge from the floor.  Wait for the Death Knight to drop his guard to attack and then lay into him with a combo, don’t let up and he will quickly be ash.

After the fighting is done, go up to the painting of Sparda and a cutscene will trigger giving you a powerful demon axe named, Arbiter.  More death knights, with a few lesser stygian sprinkled in, will attack you.  Use the Arbiter to break their defenses, then use Rebellion to slice and dice through them.  Find your way back to the main ballroom, where you will be attacked by more lesser stygian and a death knight.  After you kill them, a cutscene will trigger with the ghost of child Dante running into a room.

Follow this little spirit and smash through the glowing door with Arbiter.  Continue to pursue the adolescent ghosts and you will find your way to a bedroom.  In here, three death knights will attack you.  Try to keep them as one-on-one as possible as your Arbiter attacks are slow and leave you vulnerable.  Once the death knights are dispatched another cutscene will start.

Once the cutscene stops, run along the platform you are on and double jump to the first two platforms.  You will then gain the Ophion Demon Pull ability.  Use this ability to pull yourself to the next platform.  Jump to the stairs and follow them to the left.  Here, use the demon pull again and leap into a large platform with two pillars.  Again use the demon pull to get a platform over to you, then use it again.  A little more of this platforming and you will be in a large arena.  Here you will get a quick tutorial on how to use the demon pull against enemies.  Finish the lesser stygian and the bathos off and then jump to the nearest platform.  After a few platforms and a set of stairs you will find a large clump of rock with red markings on it.  Use Arbiter to break apart these stones.

After another short cutscene you will be back in the bedroom.  Exit through the collapsed room and use the demon pull to get across another collapsed section of the house.  Break through the door with Arbiter and you will see more ghosts.  Return to the main ballroom and fight off a couple lesser stygian with some shielded bathos covering them.  Use the demon pull to yank away the bathos’ shields before taking them out.  After these enemies have been killed follow the ghosts across the platforms and up the stairs.

Use Arbiter to break down the door again and use the divinity statue.  Follow the hallway to another large room with a painting of Dante’s mother.  A few more lesser stygian and a death knight will attack you here.  Kill them and then go to the painting of Dante’s mother to trigger another cutscene.  This will give you the scythe Osiris.  A large amount of lesser stygian will bust into the room.  Slice through them with Osiris, using it to thin out the crowd.  You can now use Osiris to open the doors with blue light that were closed to you before.

Once entering the remnants of the main ballroom, the room will further continue to fall apart.  Dante’s dad should have paid for better upkeep.  Leap your way from platform to platform, using the demon pull at the end to bring yourself to the door.  Then use Arbiter to bust your way through.  Once inside, you will have to use Osiris to open the next door.   Then continue through the room until you come to a pile of rubble to bust up using Arbiter.  Continue through the halls until you come to a blue rose in front of your path.

After a cutscene, you will be back in the weird land of floating buildings.  Run to the end of your starting platform and you will get the Ophion Angel Lift.  Use the angel life to cross the first chasm, then use it again.  Use the angel lift one more time and you will come to a series of debris that will force you to use the angel lift in succession to cross to a staircase.  Go up the stairs and use the angel lift to pull yourself to an enemy.  Now you’ll have another stretch where you must use the angel lift in succession, lastly on a lesser stygian to pull yourself to safety.  It’s always good to remember in combat that the demon pull will bring enemies to you and the angel lift will bring you to your enemies.  Now you will have to use the angel life twice and then the demon pull to get across the final stretch.  Ascend the stairs and use Arbiter to bust apart the rocks at the top.

Once back in the room with the blue rose, kill the shielded bathos using you Osiris parry, then continue through the passage where you found the blue rose.  After a short cutscene, descend the stairs and use the angel lift to pull yourself across the chandeliers and to another hallway.  You will be back in the barely recognizable main ballroom again.  Use the angel lift and demon pull to work your way through.  The room will change around you so be ready.  Finally, you will come to a hallway that will collapse around you.  Start to the left and jump to a ledge that will collapse after couple seconds, quickly leap to the final platform and step into the symbol.

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