DmC: Devil May Cry Guide (Mission 19: Face of the Demon)

Mundus is pissed!  Start the mission off by using angel lift three times to reach the boost ring.  Now save Virgil by angel lifting twice, using the boost ring twice, and then using demon pull.

After the cutscene, use demon pull to clear a path for you.  Follow Virgil through the hall and use demon pull again.  Continue following Virgil and clearing the way, first using Eryx, then Arbiter to help you.  After Mundus absorbs Virgil, use angel lift twice, followed by the boost ring to escape Mundus’ attack.

Now you will enter the proper boss fight. Mundus’ first move is a simple slam of his first. It is not the physical slam of the fist you should worry about, its the shockwave that flows from it.  Evade quickly and double jump to avoid taking damage. After evading, angel lift yourself to the Mundus’ fist and wail on him with Rebellion.  His second move is where he will slam his fist down repeatedly trying to hit you.  When this happens a red circle will be on the ground, showing you where Mundus is aiming.  Keep using evade to avoid the attack.  His third attack is a charge up shot.  You simply have to time your evade, making your move the moments is ball turns yellow, to avoid this one.

Mundus’ fourth attack is his worst.  He will spew magma all over the rooftop you are on.  There is no evading this attack.  There is, however, an angel lift marker to the far right of the rooftop.  Use it, and the boost ring it will bring you to, to escape to another rooftop.

You will quickly notice that the two bars of health are relative to Mundus’ two attacking hands.  After you have depleted one of the bars, use your demon pull on Mundus’ eye.

Once he is one-handed, Mundus’ will probably use his magma-spewing attack again.  This time, make sure you are on the left side of the building and angle boost off the roof, then use angel lift, and the boost ring to reach the other rooftop.

Now that Mundus is limbless, he will try his magma-spew a third time.  Like the first time, go the right side of the building, jump off, and use angel lift/boost ring to get to safety.  Mundus’ only attack now is a variation of his charge up shot.  Now he will shoot three energy balls, instead of one.  Do your first evade when the first ball turns yellow, then evade immediately twice after that to avoid being hit.

After missing with his charge up shot, Mundus will roar at you.  Use angel lift to pull yourself close, then use a demon attack to do some serious damage.  After you have drained this bar of health, Mundus will be defeated and the mission will be over.

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