DmC: Devil May Cry Guide (Mission 16: The Plan)

Alright, so you’re in the home stretch here.  Just one building full of bad guys and one pissed off boss demon.  No big deal.

Snake your way through the broken road and use double jump/angel boost to reach the closest chunk.  Now, double jump/angel boost again to reach the next chunk of road.  Here, you will need to angel lift yourself, then use two boost rings to land safely.  After that, run forward and double jump/angel boost yourself to the debris that is pulling itself away from you.  Now, run forward and double jump up to the next level.  Run to the edge and use angel lift then three boost rings to reach the next bit of road. Use angel boost to clear the gap, then ange lift yourself twice to get to a cutscene.

Elite stygian look tough, but they’re every bit as easy as their lesser versions.  Their one upgrade is a ranged attack, so keep an extra eye peeled for their cheap shots.  Clear the area of the stygian with Osiris.  Then the witch will come.  Use Aquila on her and pull her close with your demon pull.  After you clear these guys, the doors will open and you will have a limited amount of time to get in.  The easiest way in is to just dodge through the enemies and get inside.  You want to make it in the hard way, use demon pull twice on the death knight and finish him quickly, then use Osiris to finish the stygian.  At this point you’ll be cutting it close, so line up your shot and use the double jump/angel boost maneuver to slip in.

Here you’ll face a drekavac.  This is just like the dreamrunner.  Just wait for the portal trick, then beat the flippy wimp up.  After he’s defeated exit through the door to the elevator.  After the cutscene use the elevator.  Upon stepping off, you’ll meet Virgil and split up. Follow the hall Kat directs you down and kill the two stygian and ravager when they pop up.  Continue along and hang a left into a skyway full of lasers.

After the lasers are down, enter into the next room.  Here you will face a drekavac and two pathos.  Pull the pathos down and finish them off first as they are the more annoying.  Then handle the drekavac the exact same way as before.  If you ever find yourself rolling too far out of the way of the drekavac’s attacks and have trouble reaching him before he’s recovered, use demon pull to grab him and pull him to you.

After the drekavac is defeated, use angel lift to pull yourself up to the next level.  Facing away from the door you entered, take a right and in the next room you will face two rages.  You can take them on or duck into the elevator on your left to avoid the conflict.

Upon exiting the elevator the room on your left is filled with a score of stygian and a witch.  Use Aquila on the witch, then switch to Osiris for the stygian.  Turn down the hallway to your left and face two ghost rages.  Deal with them and then double jump on top of the office on the right, coming out of the hall right below the angel lift marker.  Use the angel lift marker to pull yourself up to the next level.

On this level,  follow Kat’s directions, then take a left down the hallway.  It will try to close on you so use angel boost to zip through.  Take a right and fight the three stygian in the hallway.  Once the room is clear, continue through and take another right.  Now, use angel lift twice, then the boost ring, then angel lift again to reach the far ledge.  If you fall you will fight a bunch of stygian, but after they are dead return to where you started and angel lift back up to the above level.

After you cross, follow Kat’s directions.  This time Virgil will mess it up and the security systems won’t shut down (way to go Virgil).  Timing is everything with these stupid lasers.  Wait till they are about to disappear, then double jump/angel boost across, with little room for error.  Same thing with the second group of lasers.  On the third, you’ll have to single jump/angel boost.  Now it’s another drekavac and two stygian.  Try to do what you did before and save the drekavac for last, handling the stygian first.  The hall makes little room for dodging, so be quick with the evade move.

After the room is clear, continue down the hall.  Another two groups of the lasers will have to be evaded with the double jump/angel boost maneuver, then you’ll be clear of this skyway.  Follow Kat’s directions and you’ll meet back up with Virgil.

After the cutscene, follow Kat’s directions and take out the death knight, then the two pathos.  After that, continue down the hall and defeat the pathos and two stygian.  Keep going and hang a right down the skyway.  The middle will be ripped out, so use a jump and angel lift to cross.  Continue down the skyway and clear the final gap with a jump and angel boost.  Then head for the elevator.

After stepping of the elevator you’ll get your first chance to really use Kablooey (yes, that’s its tactical name…Kablooey).  Fire it at the three harpies and detonate to finish them without breaking a sweat.  Now, you’ll face a tyrant. However, he will have a nasty time trying to get over a small step so his charge attack is basically worthless.  Finish him off and then you’ll face a drekavac.

After you’ve beaten the drekavac the road to Mundus will break apart and float around.  Double jump/angel boost to the first bit of the debris.  Then, run to the edge and use angel lift twice.  Now run up the tunnel and use angel lift to finish the mission.

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