DmC: Devil May Cry Guide (Mission 13: Devil’s Dalliance)

The mission will start with two stygian and death knight.  You’ll make quick work of them, then more stygian will come accompanied by a hell knight.  After that, its more stygian and a witch.  Use Aquila’s round trip attack on the witch, then pull her close and kill her before moving on to fight the stygian.

Now Lilith will drop you into a fighting pit.  The first challenge she’ll summon is two harpies and a tyrant. Take down the tyrant first in this scenario, while dodging his charges you’ll also dodge the harpies harpoons.  Then after the tyrant is down, use Revenant to blast off the harpies wings and finish them off.  The next round in the pit, will be with a ravager and a few stygian  Use Aquila on the ravagers while you fillet the stygian, then deal with the chainsaw wielding demon.

Lilith will then want to test your skills in a gauntlet challenge.  Proceed forward and stomp on the giant “Play” button to create a path for yourself.  When on the red path you will have to hold the right trigger, when on the blue path hold the left trigger.  Follow the circular path around to other side, where you will have your first challenge.

The first round is just a handful of stygian.  The only wrinkle is the blue and red tiles that will scroll across the floor.  When these tiles reach you, you will have to hold the correlating trigger button as before.  It is really easier to simply jump over this light as the come across, to avoid the trigger confusion.

Now, stomp on the play button and traverse that large green blocks.  Stay to the left as it is the easier way to cross.  Aside from on gap that requires the double jump/angel boost, double jumps should get you from block to block.  The last gap require a double jump and then the angel lift.

The second challenge is just a couple stygian and shielded bathos.  Finish them quickly and move on.  Stomp on the play button and follow the winding stairs up.  Stay on the higher stairs, follow them down, making sure you are always heading toward the multi-armed statue.  Cross under the arch for your third challenge.

Again, keep your eyes on the floor for the blue and red lights that will be scrolling across.  This time it is two ravagers and a death knight.  Demon pull the enemies to you and then use the corresponding attack with whatever colors lights are approaching you.  Of course, staying airborne is always the best way to handle these things.

Now go straight ahead to the next room.  This is the easiest of the challenges,as it is just rage spawn.  Finish them and follow the left green energy bridge.  It’s like Lilith isn’t even trying now, this is just a frost knight and stygian.  Make quick work of them and move on.  Now its two stygian and a hell knight, she’s really making this hard on you.  After they’re finished, hit the “Play” button.  Now use your demon lift move and a couple of boost rings to reach the next challenge.

This challenge is a dreamrunner.  The enclosed room makes him a little more of pain in the ass, but just keep waiting for him to make his portal move.  Hit him about five times after his portal trick and he’ll be finished.  After he’s done, hit the “Play” button and ascend the stairs.  Use the Divinity Statue if you need to, the double jump/angel boost across the next couple platforms and hit the “Play” button again.  Then, follow the yellow bridge up and down the hall.

Back on the dance floor.  Here, Lilith will throw a ghost rage at you.  They are a little hard to see, but mostly are the same a normal rages.  After the ghost rage is defeated, you will face a blood rage.  Blood rages can only be hit by Eryx and Arbiter, hit the blood rage with the brawler attack and then uppercut him and stomp his ass.  After defeating the blood rage, you’ll get both at one time.  This really isn’t the hardest duo to beat, but if you’ve been saving your devil trigger, now is a good time to use it.  After beating the the rages, the mission is completed.

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