DmC: Devil May Cry Guide (Mission 11: The Order)

Okay, now you have a new toy called, Aquila.  These throwing blades are not very effective for these large groups of stygian.  Stick to Osiris here to deal with the masses. If you must use Aquila, stick to the killer attack as it will deal the most damage.  Now you’ll face a butcher for the first time.  Osiris and Aquila are useless against this monster, the best strategy is to get in a couple hits with Rebellion and dodge is slow attacks.  When the orb in the butcher’s belly glows red, you’re close to finishing it off.  The fight isn’t over after the butcher, there’s still a few stygian left, but they should be pretty easy by now.

After the room is cleared, use angel lift to pull yourself atop the scaffolding, use it again to get to the other side of the space, and then again to get yourself in position for the final jump.  Now use Aquila to clear a way into the building with the round trip attack.  Once the way is clear, use angel lift to get in the building.

Now inside, bust through the wall with the brawler attack.  In the next room, use the Divinity Statue if need be, then stomp through the floor.  On the lower level, use round trip to clear the way and jump down to the lower level.  Here use the brawler move to bust through the wall.  Run down the hall after the cutscene and use the stomp attack to bust through the floor.  Now, run into the next room and use the brawler attack to bust through the wall.

In this room you will face a butcher and a bunch of stygian.  Clear the stygian first. If you stick closer to the butcher you can avoid his ranged attacks which are hard to evade.  Just be ready to dodge out of the way whenever the butcher is getting ready to strike.  After the first round is done, a witch and a tyrant will come next.  Aquila is a perfect weapon for witches as you can use the roundhouse attack to quickly lower their shields.  Kill the with first, then deal with the tyrant.

After you have cleared the room, SWAT teams will blast the doors.  Follow the team through the first two doors, at the third you will be attacked.  The first wave will consist of a handful of stygian and bathos, if you are unable to pull the bathos down, try using their timed mines against your opponents.  After the room is clear, use Aquila’s round trip to open the ledge above the door, then angel lift up.  In the next room, shoot the demon shards, then defeat two bathos.  After that, you’ll fight more stygian and more bathos.  Lastly, you’ll get two ravagers and two pathos.  Once the room is cleared you will be able to exit.

Descend the stairs and snake your way through the halls.  Eventually, you’ll come to a room where you will use the brawler attack to bust through the door.  Keep snaking your way through, soon you’ll stumble upon the SWAT team again that will bust open the doors.  Enter and fight the handful of stygian and butcher that wait for you.  If you stay in the hall, and use the sides as cover, the butcher won’t be able to hit you while you finish the stygian.  After they are defeated, you will get your first shot at a dreamrunner.  Keep your distance from these guys as there is almost no way to beat them while they are flipping around.  After a while, the dreamrunner will use a portal to get the drop on you.  Evade their attack from the portal and use the opportunity to dice them up.

In the next room you will find Kat.

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