DmC: Devil May Cry Guide (Mission 10: Bad News)

After you say goodbye to Phineas, run straight ahead on the path he created for you.  Once you get close to the tower, the bridge will break into pieces.  Leap to the first piece of the bridge with a double jump/angel boost and a bright light will blast from the tower, chasing you.  Move quick and double jump/angel boost to avoid the beam and get to the next platform.  Now, use angel lift twice, followed by angel boost to land safely.  Here you slide down the busted platform and run for you life atop the train car before using angel lift three times to clear the gap.  You will slide down another platform and use angel lift three times to break into Bob Barbas’ headquarters.

Double jump/angel boost to the first platform, then double jump up to the next one.  Now,  double jump/angle boost, then use angel lift/angel boost.  Another double jump/angel boost and double jump to the next platform and another angel lift.  Now use angel lift twice, followed by angel boost.  Then lastly, angel lift twice to face Barbas.

Barbas has a couple of moves that he will use on you.  The first is two green energy fields that smash together.  Double jump to avoid this attack.  The next is a field of energy he shoots out with windows you can jump through or dodge through.  Keep in mind a double jump is the only move to get you high enough to make it through the windows.  Barbas’ third move is three purple energy fields that will spin around him. Try to running against the grain of these fields, rather than with them.  Time your jumps over them to avoid damage.  The last attack is a giant blue energy field that he will fire, which is his weakest attack.

While avoiding Barbas’ attacks run toward the red markers on the floor.  Stand over one of these markers and use the stomp attack (so you will need Eryx equipped).  After this attack, Barbas will be down for the count.  Run at his head and slice him up with Rebellion.  After a couple strikes he will have a red circle close in around his head, clear the area to avoid taking damage by using the angel boost move.  Then angel boost back and continue to strike.  A second attack will be similar to the first with a larger area.  Again, angel boost out of the way.

After Barba’s has lost his first bar of health, an angel marker will appear over his right eye.  Use angel lift and you will be pulled into a helicopter report of Dante attacking stygian.  Use Osiris for crowd control, but throw a little Rebellion in there to help your style meter.  After Barbas’ is done with his report you will be back to dodging his energy field attacks, which have sped up a little.  This time instead of just attacking one of the red markers you will need to hit two. After hitting these two markers you will follow the same procedure as before.

After dealing with the stygian again, Barbas’ will show SWAT teams attacking the Order.  Now things will be moving at super speed.  This time, after taking out three red markers, use devil trigger to take out Barbas.  After you finish his health, Dante will shoot Barbas, killing him.

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