DmC – Devil May Cry Collectibles Guide – Mission 9

Now that Dante has recovered Phineas’ eye from the Harpy’s nest, it’s time to get back to the main objective: reach the tower and slay a demonic news anchor to restore some form of free thinking in the humans subjected by the demon lord Mundus and his schemes. The final path to tower may be laid in front of you but if you’re looking for some of the collectibles included in the mission you will have to be extra careful and explore your surroundings well. In Mission 9 there are only 2 lost souls, a gold key and a gold door so you won’t have to look around too much: there’s a good chance you may not be needing this guide at all. But since we’re so nice, we’ll be giving you a helping hand as always. Here we go: lost souls come first, then the gold key and the gold door.

  • Mission 9 – Devil Inside

Lost soul 1 : Inside the fenced area you’ll start hearing the noise made by the lost soul stuck on the wall. Look around you and you’ll find it behind the fence. You’ll also notice one of those blue doors to the right so whip out your Osyris or Aquila, destroy the door, get inside and free the poor soul from its imprisonment

Lost Soul 2: After you have finally obtained the Devil Trigger ability and fought against the fallen harpy, you’ll be able to see a lost soul behind a shattered window if you take a look around. To reach it walk to the edge of the wall and jump around the wall itself lo land on a platform on the outside and reach the area with the lost soul.

Gold Key : To reach the gold key you will require a bit of skill and luck. After obtaining the Devil Trigger you will have to fight some rages. To reach the key you will have to jump on the balcony in the area but a regular jump will not be enough. You will have to launch amn enemy in the air, grapple towards them and then use them to jump. The key is in a corner in the room.

Gold Door: The gold door is in plain sight. After receiving the Devil Trigger and fighting the fallen harpys and the witches, you’ll notice the gold door in a corner of the room where you had to fight these creatures.

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