DmC – Devil May Cry Collectibles Guide – Mission 7

Now that we have defeated the Succubus and put an end to the mind numbing effects of the Virility drink, it’s time to go to jail or, as Dante puts it in the game, breaking into jail, rather than trying to evade for it. If on your quest to restore the world from the grasp of the demonic lord Mundus you want to go on a little hunting quest for Lost Souls, Keys and Secret Doors look no further, we will be guiding you as usual through the city of Limbo and get that 100% completion status for Mission 7.

  • Mission 7 – Overturn

Lost Soul 1: After the beginning of the level, you will find a red door which can only be opened by smashing it with Eryx: look to the left once inside the door and you will find the lost soul.

Lost Soul 2: After using the Angel boost off a grapple point for the first time, go to the left and you will be able to pull out a platform. Get on it an jump to the right of the area with the fence to find an opening with the lost soul inside.

Lost Soul 3: After the previous lost soul, you will end up on a new platform with light above it. Turn back and you will notice a grapple point with a lost soul nearby: to reach the platform you will have to use angel boost.

Lost Soul 4: After the first battle against the feline-like enemies, go through the opening and you will find the lost soul on the left of your posistion.

Lost Soul 5: Get back on track from the previous lost soul and you will find yourself near an elevator shaft: go to the right of the shaft to find a lost soul

Lost Soul 6: Once you have used the elevator, you’ll notice a lot of boxes in front of you, blocking your bath. Navigate through this area to find the lost soul at the end of it.

Lost Soul 7: After smashing the red jewel to make the elevator fall down, proceed to the next one and look to the right: the lost soul is right there on the wall.

Lost Soul 8: After the elevator section you will find a divinity statue. Look on the wall to the right to find the lost soul on the wall.

Argent Key: You’ll need the Aquila for this one: after boosting out of a grapple point for the first time, you’ll see a blue door to the right. Open it and enter to get the key.

Copper Key: After the first Divinity Statue, grapple to the right and proceed on the walkway to reach the key.

Copper Key: After the secon elevator jewel section, grapple towards the next room and get in the doorway. Proceed further to get the key.

Gold Door: This door is close to the location of Lost Soul 2.


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