DmC – Devil May Cry Collectibles Guide – Mission 5, Mission 6

If you have made it this far in the game, you now know that Dmc – Devil May Cry is serious business: demons are trying all they can to stop Dante and Vergil in their quest to free the world of the influence of Mundus. During Mission 5 Dante and Kat will travel to the Virility factory and deal with the demons inside. While dealing with them is pretty straightforward, findind all the collectivles inside is something entirely different, requiring you to explore the whole stage. If you hate tedious affairs, we’re here to help you.

  • Mission 5 – Virility

Lost Soul: After the beginning of the real stage, keep going on until you reach a fork. Go left and keep going until you have to fight some enemies on a platform. Once you’re done with them, turn back and look up to find an Angel grapple point: go up there and proceed to get the lost soul

Lost Soul: After another fight against demons on a platform, look to the left and you will see another cargo box with the angel grapple point. You’ll need to Angel Boost before being able to grapple.

Lost Soul: In the area where you will have to use demon grapple to create platforms and proceed, where are the flying enemies will appear, look to the right and you will find a lost soul. Hard to miss.

Lost Soul: In the area where you will have to fight the ice and fire demon knights. Go to the left when facing the direction where they appear and proceed, until you hit a wall with the lost soul nearby.

Lost Soul: In the same area as before, look around to find some broken stairs: follow them to reach the lost soul.

Lost Soul: From the location of the previous lost soul, you’ll notice a box with a blue door. You’ll be needing Aquila to reach this last lost soul: follow the path until you can reach the lost soul by angel boosting.

  • ┬áMission 6 – Secret Ingredient

Lost soul: During the tunnel section, there will be an area where you will need to use the grapples to move on. When the first grapple points appear, turn around and you’ll find the lost soul.

Lost Soul: Right before the battle with Succubus, go left and find the lost soul chained to one of the pillars.


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