DmC – Devil May Cry Collectibles Guide – Mission 3 and 4

Got your first keys and lost souls in Dmc – Devil May Cry yet? Some things may be nicely hidden inside the game but if you explore outside the path leading to the main objectives of the missions you will be able to find most of the collectibles by yourself. Some of them will also require you to come back after you have obtained some special abilities. If you want to get that SSS rank on all missions, you will have to find all the collectibles, since they count towards the final score in each mission.

  • Mission 3 – Bloodline

Lost Soul: After being done in the courtyard, Kat will ask Dante to follow him. At this point, facing towards her, look to the right: you will see a blue door containing the Lost Soul. You will need the Aquila for this one.

Lost Soul: After moving on ahead in the Courtyard, the path in fron of you will be destroyed. Turn around and go to the right: you’ll see the Lost Souls in the walkway above

Lost Soul: After being done in the Courtyard again, use Angel Lift and get on the walkway close to the grapple point. A Lost Soul can be found on the left: however to reach it you will be needing the Angel Boost so come back here once you have this ability to get the Lost Soul and get back on the path

  • Mission 4: Under Watch

Lost Soul: Right after the beginning, you will find the first Lost soul of the mission on the right, follow the noise and you will reach it without any problem.

Lost Soul: While taking care of the first camera eye, you should be able to see some part of the building forming a corner: up this corner is the Lost Soul

Lost Soul: After the dialogue with Kat, turn back and head into the hallway with the dead end. Jump above and you will be able to find the Lost Soul without any problem

Lost Soul: Keep moving forward until you reach an area with a fountain: jump on the fountain after having defeated all the enemies. You will see a Lost Soul if you look carefully: use Angel Boost to reach it.

Lost Soul: While jumping on the already mentioned Fountain, look back the way you came to see an Angel Grapple point: use it to get over there and get the Lost Soul

Lost Soul: After another camera destroying sequence, go to the right and reach the dead end. Use grapple to get onto a ledge and towards a Lost Soul.

Lost Soul: After Kat has used her spray can, use the Demon Grapple to activate the ledges. Jump on them to reach an easy to get Lost Soul.

Lost Soul: use the Arbiter against a rock in the previous area to get the last Lost Soul of the mission.


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