Dmc – Devil May Cry Collectibles Guide: Mission 2

The first mission of Dmc – Devil May Cry was simply an introduction as far as collectibles are concerned. In the second mission of the game there will be a lot more to collect: more lost souls but also more keys, with the first silver key available in the mission.

  • Mission 2 – Home Truths

Copper Key: as soon as you begin the mission, head up the stairs and go to the right twice: the key will be visible in the distance.

Lost Soul: to get this one, you will need the Aquila and the Angel Boost. From the beginning of the mission, go up the stairs, go left and then north. Go past the Divinity Statue to reach the Blue Door.

Lost Soul: to get this one, you will need the Angel Boost. After the sequence with Sparda, you will see the Lost Soul and, by using Angel Boost, you will be able to earn it easily.

Lost Soul: after the previous one, you’ll notice it on on the wall after falling from the hole.

Silver Key: after the previous lost soul, use the Eryx on the ground to obtain the key.

Lost Soul: in the cracked hallway, where the silver key is, use the angel lift to grapple on the angel grapple and get inside another room.

Lost Soul: when you get back to the main area at the beginning, you’ll have to defeat all enemies. Once you’re done, you will have to break a red door with the Arbiter: the lost soul is behind the door.

Lost Soul: before the room with the paintings, there should be a blue door: use the Osiris to open the foor and get the lost soul.

Copper Door: after the flashback, jump down to the next area and you will see the door to your left.

Lost Soul: it’s close to the Copper Door, just turn around and you will see it.

Lost Soul: this lost soul is behind another blue door near a Divinity Statue: open it with the Osiris and you will be done.

Lost Soul: when following Eva’s ghost, keep going on until you reach a blue door. Open it with the Osiris, look to the left and get inside the room by using the Angel Boost.

Copper Door: You can find the last Copper Door near the location of the previous Lost Soul.


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