DmC – Devil May Cry Collectibles Guide – Mission 17

During Mission 17 Dante and Vergil will come even closer to the demon lord Mundus in their quest to seal off the Demon Gate and deprive him of his powers so that the Nephilim twins can put an end to his reign and his strong grip over humanity. Not too long of the game is left and only another mission other than this one will include collectibles: bear with us as you get closer to that 100% completion rate for all missions, required to obtain the SSS rank. Unlike some other missions, the collectibles included in Mission 17 are all quite easy to find: I was able to find all the lost soul during my first playthrough of the stage without any problem. You may be able to do the same if you look around and keep your attention up for any noise the lost souls make when you are close to them.

  • Mission 17 – Furnace Of Souls

Lost Soul 1: Right after the beginning, keep to the left and you will see a large wall to the left side of the path. The lost soul is right behind it: just walk around and free the damned.

Lost Soul 2: Get back to the beginning of the stage from the previous soul and keep moving on until you will have to fight a hell and frost knight together. In this area, there’s a grapple point to the left, together with a lost soul on the wall.

Lost Soul 3: After the fight with the witches, search the area to find a lost soul in a corner, pinned to a wall as usual.

Lost Soul 4: After passing the Divinity Statue, jump on the next platform and check the right wall to find the lost soul on the wall.

Lost Soul 5: Near to the end of the mission, after the battle with the dreamrunners and the witches. After grappling your way to the next platform, explore the right side of the platform itself to find the lost soul.

Ivory Key: The only Ivory key in the game: you can find the key behind one of those destroyable blue doors, reachable by some grappling after having defeated the witches on the main platfrom of the area.

Gold Door: After the Divinity Statue, get to the right and use the demon oull to create a new platform. Jump to the right and you will see the Golden Door. It’s quite hard to miss.


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