DmC – Devil May Cry Collectibles Guide – Mission 15 & 16

Now that Lilith has been captured and the Mundus’ ugly Spawn defeated it’s time to exchange hostages and begin the last part of the game: Mission 15 is a short mission where Dante will have to clear the path to secure Kat and Vergil’s escape. While there are no lost souls here or secret doors leading to secret missions, you will be able to find two extra copper keys. Since the stage is really fast paced, you will have to be extra quick if you want to grab these keys.

  • Mission 15 – The Trade

Copper Key: After landing on the Red Jewel, after using the car to jump, look around and jump to ground: you will see the key on the far side of the crates in the area.

Copper Key: The second and final copper key of the stage can be found just after you pull the bus out of the way. Just jump to the left of the bus to reach a fenced area. A couple jumps on the crates will allow you to reach the copper key and obtain an easy 100% completion rate for the mission.

  • Mission 16 – The Plan

Lost Soul 1: After the first Dibinity Statue you’ll notice a red door on the right side. Open it up to find a lost soul on the last floor going down.

Lost Soul 2 and 3: On floor 105 get to right and around the corner you will find two lost souls and a golden key. Just be careful and look out for the flying boxes: time your jump correctly and you will be fine.

Lost Soul 4: On floor 106 there will be a hallways with some opening on the floow. Get inside the centre and go to the right to enter a stairwell. Go as up as you can and you will find the lost soul at the top.

Lost Soul 5: After falling back from floor 106 to floor 105 explore the area a bit to find the lost soul on a wall inside the office to the left.

Lost Soul 6 & 7: Before heading back to floor 106, get close to one of the closed elevators to make it open and find two lost souls.

Lost Soul 8: This one is hard to miss: after getting through the laser protected bridge, go to the left to find the lost soul on the wall.

Lost Soul 9: After obtaining the Kablooey, go straight on instead of heading right to reach the final lost soul for this mission.


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