DmC – Devil May Cry Collectibles Guide – Mission 13

Fancy a demonic dance? In Mission 13 Dante will have to infiltrate some shady night club where Lilith has been hiding, carrying Mundus unborn child with her. With Cat having being kidnapped by the Demon Lord, the only way to have it back is to trade hostages. So, get ready for some wacky stage, with hypnotic color and some challenges. Among all this is the usual collectibles hunt: lost souls await you here as well as a couple key and the only Ivory door of the game, used to access the last secret mission of the game.

  • Mission 13 – Devil Dalliance

Lost Soul 1: After having taken care of the first wave of demons and the stage changes, jump on the ledge behind dante to find a lost soul on the wall up to some door.

Lost Soul 2: Move beyond the first divinity statue of the stage and look under the ramp to see the lost soul blocked on the ball.

Lost Soul 3: Many times during the stage the path will fork, allowing Dante to choose how he’d like to proceed. The first time the path splits get to the right and follow it to the last platform. The lost soul is stuck in a lone column at the end of this platform.

Lost Soul 4: After round three, look behind you to find a lost soul, just to the right of the doorway.

Lost Soul 5: Follow the path to round four and get to the left once the path splits and once getting to the right, use the grapple. Grapple again and you will find a switch on the ground: activate it to create a new path leading to the lost soul.

Lost Soul 6: After the battle with the dreaded Dreamrunner go up the stairs to reach a Divinity Statue. Go to the right and you will be able to see another platform in the distance. Grapple and get on the next platforms to reach the lost souls and a Devil Trigger Star as well.

Lost Soul 7: Move past the previous Divity Statue and you will have to crush the floor again to proceed: before doing so, check your surroundings to find a lost soul.

Gold Key: The Gold Key is right after the first wave of demons. Get up on the ramp and jump on the ledge behind you. Use the grapple to the left and proceed to get the key.

Ivory Door: The Ivory Door is located close to the Gold key so if you get the Key it’s impossible to miss the door.

Argent Door: After round 5 you will reach a Divinity Statue. Walk the ledge close to the statue and just look below to locate the door. Jump down carefully and you will have reached it.


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