DmC – Devil May Cry Collectibles Guide – Mission 11

Now that the tower has been conquered and all news reports shut down, it’s time to get back to the Order’s headquarters which is now under attack from Mundus. Dante will have to infiltrate the building under attack and save Vergil and Cat from the soldiers. There will be a lot of fights during this mission but with almost every weapons available to you, it won’t be too hard. Make sure to use the Aquila throwable attack to keep some enemies occupied while dealing with the rest.

Lost Soul 1: After the divinity statue at the beginning of the mission and dropping in the hole on the floor, search around to find a lost soul in the doorway directly in front to the red jewel and the passage to move on.

Lost Soul 2: After the battle with the witch and the new tyrant type. Keep following the cops and after the second door look inside the room to find a lost soul on the wall. The noise made by the poor soul will guide you to it.

Lost Soul 3: After entering the server room, get out and go right at the end of the hall. Turn right again and you will see the lost soul on the wall, near a dead end.

Lost Soul 4: Go back to the main corridor from the previous soul and keep going straight. Once the path is blocked, head to the left and open the red door with the Arbiter. The soul is right behind the door, to the right.

Lost Soul 5: After smashing the previous door, keep going forward until you reach a red jewel. Go inside the door after destroying the jewel and you will find the lost soul in the next room.

Lost Soul 6: Go back at the beginning of the area and take the central passage. Midway through the path there will be an opening to the right with the lost soul nearby.

Lost Soul 7: This one is pretty tricky. During the Dreamrunner fight you will have to use him to get launched in the air to reach a lost soul which is near one of the archs of the room. The best way to do this is getting near the arch, charge up the Erys to launch the Dreamrunner in the air and jump on him to reach the lost soul.

Copper Key: After the dibinity statue after the server room, go back to the left and find the key behind the glass. Open up the access with the Eryx and grab the key.

Copper Door: Right before the copper key, you’ll find a metal door closing to the left. You will have to be really quick to be able to get inside and find the door.


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